UGC Asks Higher Education Institutes to Create 25% Seats For International Students in UG, PG Programmes

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University Grants Commission, UGC has asked universities, colleges and other higher educational institutions to create 25 per cent of supernumerary seats specifically for international students. The commission has asked Indian HEIs to do this in order to make India a preference for higher education in the eyes of foreign students.

Through the National Education Policy, a major focus in the field of higher education is to work towards the internationalisation of higher education in India. Keeping NEP 2020 in mind, UGC has offered recent amendments and new policies in order to create an influx of foreign students to India.

In addition to these, the commission has now issued guidelines asking all HEIs to add 25 percent of seats in addition to their total number of seats sanctioned for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. These seats would solely be created for international students.

UGC Guidelines for Supernumerary seats for International Students

As per the guidelines issued, institutions must work towards adding 25 percent of additional seats in UG and PG programmes, particularly for international students. The commission also states that the HEI’s must make a conscious decision and try ensuring these 25 percent of seats are distributed across all departments of the varsity.

In the context of UGC guidelines, international students would refer to a student who is in possession of a foreign passport. These seats will not be available for international students who have come through exchange programmes or through an MoU signed between an Indian and International university or government.

In case there are any vacant seats after students have been enrolled, these seats are not to be allocated to other categories of students. These seats should be created in compliance with the current regulations and only after they have been approved by the regulatory bodies of the institution concerned.

With regard to PhD Seats, UGC has stated that supernumerary seats must be created based on the regulations stated by the commission. Apart from seats, all HEI’s have also been instructed to create an ‘Officer for International Students’ where all details regarding such students will be maintained.

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