UGC Allows Institutions to Offer Distance Learning Programs till 2025

Internationalisation of Higher Education in India: UGC brings regulations in accordance with NEP, 2020

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has published a list of 14 higher education institutions eligible to offer open and distance learning (ODL) programs through 2025. The national list of institutions includes the names of ODL academic programs recognized by the commission. The list was established following the meetings of the Commission’s Committee of Experts on Interfaces, which took place in the first week of February 2021.

These universities can begin the admission process to recognized ODL programs for the February 2021 academic session, the commission said. On March 11, UGC extended the registration deadline for ODL and online programs for the academic session from February to March until April 30.

The academic session, which is scheduled to start in January 2021, has been postponed from February to March due to “exceptional circumstances due to COVID-I9.”

Recognized universities can begin the admissions process for the recognized programs in this list from the academic session beginning in January (February-March revised) 2021

UGC said.

Program identification details have already been sent to recognized institutes through the UGC-DEB web portal, the commission said.

While the deadline for admission to ODL programs for 2020-21 is April 30, universities must upload admission details to the UGC DEB web portal before May 15, 2021, the commission announced today.

UGC has warned institutes not to offer distance education programs that are not recognized by UGC.

Higher education institutions are not authorized to offer open and distance education programs and / or online programs or accept students unless they have been approved by the Commission and their admission is not provided for in the recognition,

Says the statement from the UGC.

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