Top 7 IITs To Be 100 Crores Rich

Many a times lack of funds play truant in the development of any field and if it is education this really hurts. But this won’t be a spoil sport anymore for higher education. The Central Government has decided to aid 7 top rated Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) of India with a handsome amount of Rs.100 crore for each in the next financial year.

This will help them to enhance their quality portfolio and add more plus to their international rankings. It can be through collaboration at international level or inviting highly talented international faculty to enrich the students here. There can be some other requirements too which can be instrumental in improvisation of the institute, said an unnamed senior official. The IITs that have been picked for this aid are IIT Madras, IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati.



A move to improve their international ranking

Matters to come under consideration, would be filling 20 per cent vacancies with foreign faculty, allow off campus PhD students, 20% international students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, a 1:7 faculty-student ratio and separate capital grants for world class infrastructure.

Exclusive efforts would be put in to know about the Indian research students in the top 100 institutions of the world, at least 10% of the total research projects would be jointly conducted in collaboration with foreign universities in the world’s top 100 bracket. Academic leaders who are into teaching in these highly rated universities will be forwarded a request to accept the post of a Distinguished International Professor (DIP). They will responsible for teaching a semester in the IIT for the next 3 years. Atleast 20% of all M Tech, PhD students shall be offered as supernumerary positions for foreign students.


Presently, more efforts are being put to conduct GATE exam at international locations and GRE scores should be taken into consideration for admission. All these students shall be paid fellowships as the Indian students. The post-Doctoral students would now ibe between 600-750 range, there will be at least one Post Doctoral Scholar for every 4 PhD students. At least 1/3 rd of the students shall be Ph.D. students. Off campus PhDs would be offered to the best B Tech students from IITs who have earned themselves jobs within India in core subject areas.

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