Top 3 Diploma Courses Available at JD Institute

Top 3 Diploma Courses Available at JD Institute

JD Institute has been one of the top fashion and design institutions for several years. One of the major reasons behind this is the quality course that they offer in various fields under numerous categories. So if you’re looking for a good institution, look no further because JD Institute probably has all the courses available and hopefully, the best three listed courses below are what you’re opting for maybe? Furthermore, the courses available in this institution are the undergraduate category, post-graduate category while diploma programs are different.

Without further ado, we bring you the top 3 diploma courses that the institute offers.

1. Fashion Design

Generally, JD Institute has two major courses available in fashion design. One is of the basic level while the other is of an advanced level. Speaking of the top 3 diploma courses, the advanced level under the section seems much more promising. It is a 2-year program of immense learning and knowledge. It takes the aspirants through different design nuances and trends while allowing them to grow efficiently and effectively.

Highlights of the Course:

  • It encourages students to acquire leadership in different fashion industries and categories.
  • It supports collaborations and projects.
  • It gives insights into the technical side of the field.
  • There are also international opportunities available.

The learning outcome of the course is awareness of a wide range of techniques, businesses, trends, and sub-fields under the major field. It also facilitates universal vocabulary, fashion, and the technical side of the industry. The career opportunities under this course include fashion designers, retail industry, design curators, quality control managers, apparel production, and more.

In order to apply, you can find the complete process on their website.

2. Interior Design

Another course that we found quite interesting and of great learning is interior design. Nowadays, Interior Design is one of the most picked career choices for young aspirants. Here, the institute offers the course under 3 sections- undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma; the diploma one is as good as other courses.

Highlights of the Course:

  • It is a two-year program offering massive insights into the field. It takes the students and the aspirants through various elements like decorations, materials, furnishings, lifestyle factors, etc.
  • It also provides awareness regarding the industry in general. This means both the technical as well as the artistic factors.
  • It encourages different collaborations, both nationally and internationally.

The learning outcome of the course is having your skills enhanced, acquiring knowledge with the details about different spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, and many more; and understanding the management of the same. The career opportunities here include interior designer, event designer, set designer, design analyst, lifestyle stylist, interior project manager, etc. Check out the website for the process of application.

3. Fashion Business Management

Lastly, fashion business management is one of the courses that made us think about education regarding the industry. A lot of professionals today are heavily skilled but lack the management of handling the business or the clients in the field. This particular course is not just good for the artists themselves but also for the entrepreneurs who aim to take businesses forward in the field.

Highlights of the Course:

  • It teaches different views regarding the industry and field.
  • It provides insights on the technical side.
  • It encourages national as well as international collaborations.

Talking of career opportunities, this field is massively for entrepreneurs. Another set of professionals in the field can be fashion designers, design curators, academicians, fashion merchandisers, etc.

Last Words

So without thinking too much, you should definitely check out the main official website of JD Institute for more information regarding the process of admission, fee structure, and more.

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