The UK training Programme succour Upskill India’s Managers

The UK training Programme
Governmental efforts, especially in recent times, in the area of skill development has shown through a variety of schemes and programmes.Ignite India and the global growth Institute organised a global youth skill development conclave which is hosted at Agni College of technology and inaugurated by the honourable Minister for school education Shri KA Sengottaiyan on 17th may 2018. The UK training programme is aimed at Indian manager’s. Only 2% of India’s workforce is skilled in comparison to 68% in the UK, 74 % in Germany, 80 % in Japan, and 96 % in South Korea. In India, there is certainly a need for a skilled workforce in the country that is why the government is putting a lot more efforts by establishing a separate ministry entrusted with the task to create a resource pool of 500 million skilled workers by 2022. A variety of schemes and programmes has been established by Government in recent times focusing on the overall improvement in the livelihood. The Global Growth Institute (GGI) has signed a partnership agreement with Ignite India in their new joint mission of “imparting skill development training to 1 million youth across the world.” The Honorable Minister have also enlightened with the importance of developing skills at schools and colleges. He also points up that the government is taking all possible steps to eliminate “mug-up” practice for exams. Wayne Clarke, the founding partner of the GGI said: “We are incredibly proud to launch World Class Manager in India. We believe the rollout of the programme will play a significant role in local communities who are in a desperate need to upskill their managers.” He added: “World Class Manager has been successfully deployed in the United Kingdom, Mongolia and Turkey.” From over seven hundred students from various colleges have participated in the conclave where 50 speakers from a diverse set of industries will be expressing their thoughts, knowledge and perspectives on the topics such as future of education system, the new age skills for a transforming economy, entrepreneurship, skills gap, leading and building game-changing teams.

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