Union Budget 2023: What Are The Pre Budget Expectations for The Education Sector?

The Pre Budget

India will become a superpower with the existing thrust on start-ups, fin-tech, and other science & technology innovations taking place, the foundation of which is quality education. It is needless to say that investment in education will see furtherance this year in transforming India into a technologically driven Global Education Hub. The Pre Budget

Impetus On The EdTech Space

Given the transcending trends in the Indian EdTech Space over the past few years, the youth of the country need to be adept with technical skills to be proficient drivers of the digital transformation of the country. The impetus of tech education, beyond just online learning, will equip a large part of the youth with industry-relevant skills, with the hope of propelling India’s economic growth further. Facilitating technical training of teachers in schools is imperative to consider.

Increasing The Budget Allocation

Proper utilisation of allocations this year would mark the beginning of changes mentioned in the NEP 2020. This could include providing free or subsidised tuition, upgrading school infrastructure, setting up scholarships & grants & involving technology-based learning.

We can expect an elaborate focus & allotment towards revised learning methods like situated learning environment (SLE), vocation/internship (hard skills), and incentives for employers to invest in talent pipelines. By doing so, the government would be ensuring that no one is deprived of a quality education due to their socio-economic circumstances. The Pre Budget

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