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Technology That Emphasises Engagement - BW Education

Nitish Jain, Founder and President, SP Jain School of Global Management, on the global expanse and the industry-oriented programmes that the institute offers, with highly advanced technology

Starting in 2004 with a simple philosophy that ‘if business is global, business schools should also be global’, SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJSGM) established its first campus in Dubai due to its growing reputation as a regional hub for job opportunities.

This was just the start of a journey to the institute expanding globally. As Nitish Jain, Founder and President, SPJSGM tells, “Sometime around 2006, we were invited by the Singapore government to set up a campus there. Asia was poised to leapfrog, which presented an excellent opportunity to expose our students to Asian business practices and culture. Sydney happened next, followed by Mumbai.”

Their newest and fifth international campus in London is set to open later this year. Why London? “Because students want to study in London. It is one of the leading cities in the world, home to leading global companies and ranked a top city for university students,” Jain explains.

Skill-oriented initiatives

Recruiters seek graduates with skills, not just academic knowledge. That’s why SPJSGM implemented various initiatives to bridge the industry-academic divide and equip its graduates with the skills and they need to excel in their careers. Jain informs, “We partner with leading companies, providing our students opportunities to engage with industry professionals, harness their business expertise and gain real-world experience.”

He adds, “By participating in internships and real-world business projects, our students gain hands-on experience in a real-world setting. They hone their industry-specific skills, gain insights into the day-to-day operations of various organisations and develop a realistic understanding of the business world. Students are better equipped to hit the ground running, bringing value to their future employers from day one.”

Tech enablement

Engaged Learning Online (ELO) is one of the biggest feathers in SPJSGM’s cap. Describing the emphasis on engagement as its unique feature, Jain elaborates, “Can you imagine an online tool that lets you make eye contact and have face-to-face conversations with as many as 70 students in a classroom? I can’t think of any other university that has a similar system. Since its launch in 2018, ELO has become a much-loved mode of learning among our students. Despite a global drop in MBA enrolments due to Covid-19, the school reported a 300 per cent growth in student numbers for its Executive MBA programme. We attribute this growth to ELO.”

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