Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR And IISER Pune Sign Memorandum Of Understanding For Research Collaboration And Exchange

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Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR, and the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaborations in scientific research & development (R&D) and faculty/student exchanges between the two institutions.

The agreement enables the two institutions to pursue significant academic cooperation in R&D projects in the areas of Natural Sciences, leveraging their respective expertise and capabilities. The scope of the agreement includes sharing of relevant information and laboratory resources between the two institutions as well as an exchange of students, scholars, and postdoctoral fellows for projects.

Our partnership with IISER-Pune is reflective of our steadfast belief that in a true partnership, 1+1 becomes more than 2. Scientific research is the bedrock of inventions, innovations, and transformational solutions for the myriad problems that vex our world. The ongoing pandemic has reinstated its importance everywhere, and as a research-focused institution, we are committed to contributing to tackling the most pressing issues of global importance. Higher education should drive, and not just respond to industry and technology. A strong scientific research setting is essential for the economic progress and the long-term sustainable development of our nation. Our partnership with IISER-Pune is a step in this direction, as we share our expertise and experience to grow from strength to strength.

Dr. Rupamanjari Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR,

The MoU between Shiv Nadar University Delhi-NCR and the IISER Pune also aims to establish provisions for the exchange of students for pursuing structured courses and internships, joint grant applications, joint publications, conferences and workshops, and exchange visits of faculty members. The agreement will be in effect for the next five years, which is extendable thereafter.

Dr. Sanjeev Galande, Professor and Dean – Research & Development, IISER Pune, said: “This MOU underscores the commitment of both institutions towards nurturing scientific excellence. This heralds the new era of synergistic partnerships between institutions of higher education funded by the government and private entities in India. The ongoing collaboration in chemistry initiated this partnership which will now extend to other disciplines.”

Apart from the focus on scientific research, the two institutions also share a commonality in their aims of contributing to nation-building. While the IISER Pune is declared an ‘Institute of National Importance by an Act of the Parliament, Shiv Nadar University Delhi NCR has been recently accorded the status of ‘Institution of Eminence’ by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The research interests of the faculty at Shiv Nadar University Delhi NCR span areas as diverse as drug and polymer design; protein and DNA bioinformatics; treatments for cancer, malaria, and other drug-resistant diseases; chemical and biological networks; materials for energy applications; management of natural resources; and climate change. The University has 9 Research Centers and more than 150 Labs that underline the institution’s strong emphasis on current and future interdisciplinary problems that cut across academic programs and disciplines, supporting and enabling cutting-edge research.

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