Rs. 3.38 Crore Aid To 753 Research Students

Gujarat state government has concluded that the 753 students seeking after research in higher education will be given the help of Rs 3.38 crore.

This was reported by education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. The help will be given to the students at a capacity composed through an online course. Chudasama said that so as to guarantee that the students get into quality research the government has propelled a plan for top-notch research.

The program will be gone to by the leaders of the office from different universities, vice-chancellors, Ph.D. guides among others. Chudasama said that after the dispatch, the 753 students of 34 universities will be paid the main stipend amount of Rs 45,000 for a quarter of a year at 15,000 every month. The sum will be paid straightforwardly in the financial balances of the students.

He said that the universities in the nation are paying more significance to research.

“Gujarat government has additionally chosen to offer force to quality research,” he said.

He said any understudy who is taken a crack at the research program after June 1, 2018, be it a private college or a government college will be qualified for help under the program. Of 1,258 students, who had made online applications, 1,011 had transferred their archives.

Later these applications were checked at the college level by the nodal officer and when found all together, the application was sent to the research investigation council. An aggregate of 848 applications was gotten by the panel of which 753 were affirmed.

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