Rajasthan Has The Highest No. Of Universities In India, This State Has The Least

Rajasthan Has The Highest No. Of Universities In India; This State Has The Least!

IITs, IIMs, and other deemed institutes are the backbone of the Indian education system. And we are proud of these institutions. But, there is one eye-opening news that you may want to focus on. The All India Survey On Higher Education (AISHE) Report is out and it has some intriguing news. The survey tells us everything from the number of student enrollment, university performance, and the overall development of India in the education sector. Rajasthan has the highest number of universities; but do you know which state has the lowest one?

Rajasthan Hosts Highest Number Of Universities

According to the AISHE report, Rajasthan is the state that has the highest number of universities. With a total of ninety-two universities, this state has twenty-six public and fifty-two private ones. Also, there are seven deemed and one state-run universities, and five national institutes like IIM, IIT, NIT, and others. Uttar Pradesh has ranked second, with eighty-four universities. However, Ladakh has ranked lowest with just two universities.

Also, the report states that the rate of students enrolled in postgraduate programmes is nearly eleven percent; whereas undergraduate programmes have more than seventy percent of enrollment. And, the highest number of students have chosen the Arts stream, while admissions in Engineering and technology have dipped significantly.

Also, the pass-out rates have increased to more than ninety lakh students in 2020-21.

All India Survey On Higher Education.

AISHE is a national survey of higher education conducted by the Education Ministry of India. It focuses on details regarding the institute’s infrastructure details, financial information, enrollment of students, staff details, etc. The main aim of this survey is to identify the backdrops of the Indian education system and focus on methods for improving it.

The future of every country lies in the quality of education that is provided to its younger generation. Better education can help the growth of the person, both economically and mentally.

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