Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Aimless Education

There can never be any time, any era, or any system, which can sustain without innovation.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized on modernization in education and its goal of character- building. He said that aimless education is nothing more than a certificate hanging on one’s wall. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was facilitated by Ram Bahadur Rai as Prakash Javadekar and Sachidananda Joshi during a conference on ‘Academic Leadership on Education for Resurgence’, at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi. The Prime Minister remembered Swami Vivekananda’s prominence on self-reliance and independence, character-building, and human values, as important aspects of education; while inaugurating the Conference on ‘Academic Leadership on Education for Resurgence’. While addressing the Vice Chancellors and Directors of over 350 Higher Education Institutions Modi said “When there is no innovation in life, it ceases to move. There cannot ever be any time, any system, any era, or which can sustain without innovation. One is forced to carry life as a burden if one fails to innovate.” Speaking on ‘resurgence’ of education he said that the nature and character of any education ought to be such that it accommodates not only one’s own needs and wants but also conjointly becomes helpful to the society. He said, “If education is acquired without any goal then it is nothing more than a certificate hanging on one’s wall.” Modi said that he was stunned by the academic fraternity’s silence on the reform, while he referred the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Act, which entitles IIMs to decide their course fees, syllabus, and hiring of the faculty. He even stated that the reforms which were carried out with the IIM’s are extraordinary in India’s Higher Educational history. He also said that The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) decision of graded autonomy won’t solely improve the quality and standard of education but also will facilitate and help the institutions to become the best. The Prime Minister conjointly promised, as was declared earlier within the budget, that the government will invest Rs 1 lakh crore in higher education under Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE) by 2022.

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