Post Graduate And Ph.D. Students Offered Extend Stay Of 12 Months in Ireland


The importance of foreign education cannot be regretted because the value it carries is valued and accepted all around the globe. This is the main reason for the migration of more and more Indian students to foreign shores like the US and Great Britain. But the recent changes in visa norms have dampened their spirits of studying abroad. Amidst this chaos, Ireland’s move of increasing the duration of visa, especially for post graduate and Ph.D. students has come as a respite for the aspiring students wanting to study abroad.
Mr. Rory Power, Director – India & South Asia, Enterprise Ireland, discusses the details below.

The  decision

He said that Minister for Education and Skills of Ireland has given its nod for doubling the ‘stay back duration’ for Masters and Ph.D. students who have graduated in Ireland from 12 months to 24 months.
This will allow the eligible graduates who have studied in Irish higher education institutions and whose award has been granted by a recognized Irish awarding body at Masters or Ph.D. level to stay in Ireland for the extended period after the completion of the course.


Benefit to Indian students

Irish institutions have been welcoming Indian students for over 100 years who have been instrumental in shaping Ireland’s global success and Ireland values their contribution. This new move will lend the Indian students more opportunities to for shaping their careers in ICT, Biopharma, Engineering, Medical Devices, Food Science and Financial Services.

Changes Expected Post this Decision

This move is expected to bring in more students and institutions in Ireland are regrouping and reorganizing themselves for this purpose and more of India-Ireland institution partnerships. Indian and Irish governments are also planning to sign an agreement for educational benefits, which is yet to be finalized.



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