PM: NEP 2020 Ready To Be Implemented In 2022

NEP 2020 to be implemented

At the conclave, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that the formal roadmap for NEP 2020 is ready to be implemented in 2022.

On Friday while addressing the conclave on ‘Education in 21st Century’ under the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that the formal roadmap for NEP 2020 is ready to be implemented in 2022. The conclave was being organized by the Ministry of Education.

The National Education Policy is the first education Policy of the 21st Century. The policy was being released on 29th July 2020. The new education policy came after 34 years of the previous education policy in 1986. The New Education Policy 2020 is aimed at bringing major reforms in school education as well as higher education.

At the conclave, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conferred “In 2022 when India will be celebrating the completion of the 75th year of Independence, all Indian students should be learning according to the direction and provision of the new education policy. It’s our collective responsibility”.

The statement of PM Modi to implement the National Education Policy by 2022 came amid several criticisms against the use of native languages as a medium of instruction that will be undesirable for higher education. Moreover, it is being mentioned by top some academicians of the nation that their suggestion over National Education Policy has not been incorporated in the decision. Some political parties such as Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) also argued that the education policy has a political agenda.

Implementation of NEP 2020 Still Needs Clarification

The Prime Minister’s statement on the implementation of NEP 2020 cleared the uncertainty regarding when the policy will come into effect. The Union Education Ministry in collaboration with all the states still needs to clarify if some of the directions under NEP will be implemented in the academic year 2021 and remaining in the academic year 2022-23.

The Union Education Ministry still needs to clarify when the other long term reforms will take place. The reforms under NEP 2020 include rationalization of institutions and schools, segmentation of higher educational institutions to three categories, and the establishment of the national research foundation.

PM Narendra Modi in his inaugural address at conclave said “Teachers will have to learn the new ways and also unlearn some past learnings.”

He further added that ‘The New Education Policy 2020 is aimed at achieving the aspirations, expectations, and requirements of new India. He further added that the new National Education Policy will provide direction to 21st century India’.

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