PM Modi To Inaugurate Science Congress Today; 2 Nobel Laureates Among Attendees


Top scientists, including two Nobel laureates, will be among academicians, policymakers and other delegates to attend the 107th Indian Science Congress, to be unveiled today by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The five-day event will see Ada E Yonath, an expert in structural biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and Nobel laureate Stefan Hell of the Max Planck Institute of Germany.

President of Nanyang Technological University, Subra Suresh, a materials scientist from Indonesia, and a well-known cardiologist CN Manjunath will also attend.

Organizers expect about 15,000 people to attend the event.

The event with the theme of ”Science and Technology for Rural Development ”, will see participants deliberate on the lack of communication between the industry, scientific fraternity, and farmers can minimize the agrarian crisis.

Organizers said the last few decades had witnessed remarkable progress in the development of cutting edge science and technology.

Many inventions and innovations have found applications in improving plant productivity, improve market access, increase and diversification of rural livelihood profiles.

However, because of the gap between the innovators and the agricultural community, the benefits cannot be fully explored, they said.

The event will also provide a platform for farmers who introduce innovations in agriculture.

“Many farmers in this country have become an innovative and expert. We want to bring all of them on a single platform that innovation and innovative ideas are discussed and discussed for the whole day,” Dr. S Rajendra Prasad, Vice-Chancellor of the city-based University of Agricultural Sciences, said.

Another event will be Women Science Congress, Congress of the Child, Science Communicators Meet, Formal and Yoga Science Congress Science.

Forum Vice-Chancellor and IIT Directors will deliberate on the challenge of managing complex security higher education sector that has been made for the inaugural session.

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