Our Curriculum Is Aligned With NEP

Our Curriculum Is Aligned With NEP

Shalendra Ganda, Principal, ODM Group of Schools, lays emphasis on imparting skills that are relevant today

The ODM group of schools believes in giving opportunities and holistic development of our students. And when we give more and more exposure to students it helps them to learn things. Our classroom is not limited to four walls as we believe in the concept of a global classroom.

NEP and innovation

Time is changing fast. The skills that were required earlier and the skills that we need in today’s time are very different and we need to train our children in a way that they learn the skills which are relevant. So, we designed our curriculum according to the skills that are required for students and are aligned with the NEP. For instance, effective communication skills and the knowledge of students should not be limited to books. Earlier students use to learn only for examination but now they are also extending their knowledge to the communities. They are also making websites and applications which help them to connect to the outer world.

We also bring educators from different parts of the world so our students can experience quality education without going anywhere else.

Rote learning and experiential learning

If the person is not hungry, irrespective of how great the food is, the person will not be able to take it. Everyone is talking about experiential learning. But irrespective of the quality services you offer to students, if the hunger is not there, it will be of no use. Nowadays, parents are providing every facility to their children, but students do not appreciate the importance of those things. But if we are able to make them appreciate how fortunate they are to have quality education as there are many kids who do not get such facilities, they will develop a sense of gratitude.

Philosophy on education

I believe we are the change makers. We need to understand that our society is going through tremendous change. The value system is going down, but opportunities are increasing. If we take care of that value system, we will be a great country.

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