Notice Issued to Institutes Including Skill Courses by UGC

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Notice Issued to Institutes Including Skill Courses by UGC

The University Grant Commission issued a notice on Tuesday, October 01, 2019 asking the institutions that are managing skill courses to upload data in regards to students and faculty on the UGC NSQF portal. The institutions need to upload the data at

What information do the institutions need to upload? 

“The institutions are required to upload data about the number of students conceded in the scholastic year 2019-20 and the absolute number of students right now on move (Which incorporates the students of every single existing group),” said the letter. 

What is the procedure? 

Initially, the institutions need to enrol themselves and upload the data on portal most recent by October 10, 2019 

The institutions ought to give data to UGC approved courses as it were. 


If there should arise an occurrence of any trouble while uploading data or for some other inquiry identified with the portal, you may write to and 

About UGC 

The UGC has the novel distinction of being the main grant-giving office in the nation which has been vested with two responsibilities: that of giving funds and that of coordination, assurance and upkeep of standards in institutions of higher education. 

The UGC’s command incorporates: 

  • Advancing and organizing university education. 
  • Deciding and keeping up principles of educating assessment, and research in colleges. 
  • Confining guidelines on least standards of education. 
  • Observing improvements in the field of university and university training; dispensing grants to the colleges and schools. 
  • Filling in as a fundamental connection between the Union and state governments and institutions of higher learning. 
  • Prompting the focal and state governments on the measures fundamental for the improvement of university education.

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