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Which industries should Instructional Designers focus on when looking for their dream job? Is your ego stopping you from achieving L&D greatness? How do you improve course completion rates and engage your online learners? The articles below have all the answers. In no particular order, here are the top eLI guest author posts published last month.

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5 eLI Guest Articles You Should Read Today

7 Steps To Boost Your Online Course Completion Rates By Lesley J. Vos

Up to 85% of students don’t finish online courses. The reasons can be diverse, but with the proper approach and organization, you can influence the completion rates for your eLearning product. Lesley J. Vos explores why users give up courses and how you can change that, such as by revising the curriculum and diversifying content.

Adding The Perfect Soundtrack To Your eLearning Courses By Naveen Neelakandan

This article highlights the importance of using music in eLearning courses to enhance the learning experience for students. Naveen Neelakandan also provides tips on choosing the right type of music, explains the benefits of incorporating music, and suggests ways to integrate it effectively into courses.

7 Best Practices For Writing Course Objectives By Syed Balkhi

Course objectives guide course development and set clear expectations for students. Effective objectives are concise, specific, and balanced between being descriptive and concise. Linking content to objectives and revisiting them at the end helps ensure intended learning outcomes. Syed Balkhi explains why objectives matter and how to set the right tone.

5 Industries Where Instructional Designers Are In Demand By Lisa Evans

As remote training and education become more entrenched across all industries, Instructional Designers and similar Learning and Development professionals are increasingly in demand among the world’s largest industries. Lisa Evans highlights the primary industries with a demand for ID professionals and discusses the field’s current state.

The Enemy Within: Is Your Ego Holding You Back? By Elysia McCann

The ego—that little voice inside our heads that tells us we’re special and important and that failure is not an option. As L&D professionals, we know that failure can be a major roadblock to Learning and Development. But did you know that it’s often our ego that’s to blame? Elysia McCann explores how to overcome your ego and elevate learning experiences.

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