Payroll Leads: How To Get More Leads For Your Payroll Business

Payroll Leads: How To Get More Leads For Your Payroll Business

How To Market Payroll Services And Secure More Clients

Creating a shortlist of your top competitors, identifying how they generate sales, and crafting your unique lead generation strategy are all part of the marketing equation for payroll businesses. You may even take a look at their social media profiles, official websites, review pages, and outreach strategies and recognize the strongest points you can adopt. But where do you go from there?

Two of the best ways to generate leads are through social media marketing and email marketing. Build a powerful online presence through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and create engaging content explaining what you offer. Take some extra time to study the basics of SEO and align your content with search intent so you can rank higher on Google. Last but not least, implement referrals in your payroll lead generation strategy and ask existing clients to refer you to their peers to receive a discount.

Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients you’ll need to whip up a lead gen action plan that gets rapid results.

How To Get More Online Leads Quickly

Search Engine Optimization

Most online purchase requests begin with a simple search engine query. So, if you’re wondering how to get payroll leads for your business, you should make your website SEO-friendly to rank high in Google’s search results. You just need to add relevant keywords and phrases to your content and keep analyzing the results you get. An experienced SEO team of professionals gathers invaluable insights and highly used keywords from competitor websites and builds a link building strategy that generates more leads.

Content Creation

Do you get payroll leads through your website, and if you do, do they convert? Creating high-quality and evergreen content helps you attract potential customers for free, not only in the near future but also in the long run. Write informative content that proves your authority in the payroll industry and provides solutions to common issues. You must know your target audience’s problems to cater relevant content to their needs. The higher the quality, the better customer lead generation is.

Social Media

Creating a strong social media presence, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or Quora, is crucial to getting more leads. While Facebook lead gen ads are a staple for B2B marketing, if you can’t afford them, you can encourage customers to leave reviews and engage in Q&As with leads. You can utilize all platforms to share your insights on matters related to the payroll industry and network with satisfied clients. Additionally, you may organize a competition or giveaway to drive free traffic to your account and website. Who doesn’t love gratis offerings?

Conversion Rate Optimization

When you’re thinking about how to get more website leads, you must understand that every aspect of your site plays a pivotal role in the user experience. From CTA buttons to font size, creating leads relies on a high-performing website that encourages users to stay on for longer and locate everything they need easily. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) allows you to measure all aspects of your site and identify weak points. Improving this metric helps small and larger businesses improve their lead generation strategies and increase conversion rates.

How To Get More Leads In Sales With Digital Marketing

Paid Advertising

To boost your client lead generation, you may enforce paid ads if your marketing budget allows it. By promoting your payroll company on industry websites, your social media accounts, and Google SERPs, you can stand out from the crowd and drive potential customers to your website. This tactic provides immediate visibility and targets your preferred audience. You may adjust it according to your needs and control your monetary investment. However, you should beware of ad fatigue and not over-exhaust your audience.

Email Marketing

Data shows that 46% of marketers believe that reaching out to your email marketing list is crucial for B2B lead generation. Emails offer you the opportunity to measure important KPIs, including click-through, engagement, and email open rates. You may include targeted content based on each customer’s specific needs. Consequently, you increase ROI, you communicate with clients directly, and you can segment your content. Again, make sure that you don’t exhaust your target audience by sending out an exorbitant number of emails.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages typically offer a clear message about your product or offering and encourage clients to sign up or make a purchase. They are among the most popular lead generation tactics that communicate your message, provide trustworthy testimonials and reviews, and foster trust between your company and potential customers. But first, you should ensure that your landing page is mobile-friendly. And don’t hesitate to thank buyers for their purchases and inform them of the next steps.

Live Chat

During the process of creating payroll leads, many potential customers may visit your domain and have a query they need answered quickly. Instead of letting your email inbox get crowded, you can incorporate live chat functionality. You can train AI to answer several common queries. For more complex questions, the bot can instruct clients to contact one of your team experts or request a demo. This tactic is the first step to making potential buyers feel confident about disclosing some personal information.


Also known as retargeting, it allows you to target ads to those who visited your landing page but didn’t convert. You want to re-engage them and offer them additional proof of your company’s expertise. When utilizing Google and Facebook lead gen ads, you can craft “lookalike audiences” who fit the image of ideal customers. Therefore, you can aim at people with similar buyer characteristics and improve client lead generation.

How To Get More Leads In B2B Marketing

Whitepapers And Case Studies

They may not be as glamorous as Instagram posts, but they sure are B2B lead generation heavyweights. That’s because high-quality leads do not make rushed purchases. Instead, they search for trustworthy information that proves your business’s worth and expertise in the payroll business. Through whitepapers, you can present your deep knowledge in the field and justify your decisions. As a result, potential clients will look into your product or service even if you don’t include any specifics in your paper. Case studies, on the other hand, provide real-life testaments to your capabilities.

Google, Facebook, And LinkedIn Ads

Many professionals in the payroll industry dismiss Facebook, thinking it’s irrelevant in their field. However, Facebook lead gen ads are one of the simplest and best ways to generate leads through social media, as many businesspeople use the platform in a professional capacity. Also, Google ads are effective when they are well-timed and focus on the positive outcomes of your offerings instead of the negatives they can improve. Additionally, you can generate leads on LinkedIn, as the platform offers very targeted criteria. And since most professionals are active on LinkedIn, ads can reach them effectively.

Gated And Personalized Videos

When talking about gated content, most people think of eBooks and guides. However, videos are another fantastic way to generate sales. You can include a brief video at the beginning of your emails and mention the perks for those who sign up early. You’ll be surprised at how much your registrations increase. And even though many may wonder how to generate sales leads without cold calling, we have a suggestion. You can create personalized CTA videos and send them to prospects through email, social media, or text. Just be authentic and speak straight to people’s needs instead of sounding salesy.

Webinars And Free Offerings

Customers want to learn more about your services and get a chance to know you better. Running webinars that convert is the perfect tool to achieve both goals. Plus, they’re easy for anyone to attend, regardless of location. In these webinars, focus on the benefits of your service and encourage clients to ask questions. Another reason they are great at bringing payroll leads is that you can offer a free offering for every signup. This way, you can give clients a glimpse of your capabilities, and if they are satisfied, they’ll return with paid requests.

How Can You Create A Payroll Services Business?

If you wish to start a payroll business and learn more about marketing your company, you are at the right place. Accounting and payroll services are on the rise and comprise various areas, like pay adjustments, income tax, wages, direct deposits, benefits, bookkeeping, and compilations. You can specialize in one of those or widen your expertise. Payroll services are ideal for small and large companies, as they take a huge load from employees’ backs. The first step for you is to gather a trustworthy team of experts, consisting of technicians, assistants, specialists, and administrators. Then, you must find the best software you can purchase. Cloud-based systems are pivotal, as is software with integrated accounting and customization functions. To start your payroll marketing, build an engaging and informative website that converts a high percentage of leads. Utilize referrals to generate more leads. You may ask bankers, accountants, and brokers to promote your services in exchange for a commission.

How Can You Market Payroll Outsourcing?

Once an unthinkable process, payroll outsourcing is now more popular than ever. So, how do you promote and sell payroll services? Digital marketing is crucial during your lead generation process, and it starts with SEO. Optimizing your website offers organic traffic and allows potential clients to learn about your services. Use keywords you want to be associated with, add header tags and meta descriptions, improve your website’s usability, and increase its speed. You may also enforce PPC listings, as they are an effective way to attract customers. You can include your landing page and pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Last but not least, social media shouldn’t be missing from your payroll company’s marketing efforts. LinkedIn, especially popular with B2B audiences, is a place where you can showcase your expertise. You can connect with your target audience and post case studies and other insights daily.

How Big Is The Payroll Outsourcing Market?

In 2021, the payroll outsourcing market was valued at $9.9 billion. It is projected to reach $19.5 billion by 2031, a 7.2% increase within a decade. The industries showing the largest demand are retail, insurance, banking, telecommunication, government, travel and hospitality, and institutions. Hybrid and fully outsourced payroll services are predominant in the United States, China, Japan, India, and many European countries. The hybrid model, however, is more popular since it offers businesses control over their payroll system while time-consuming tasks are handed over to third-party companies. The core benefit of outsourcing payroll processes is that companies and their workforces can focus more on key business practices instead of wasting time processing payroll manually.

How To Become The Best Payroll Software Vendors On The Market

How do you make your payroll services stand out and beat the competition? You need to understand that clients must see you as an expert. Therefore, you need to present them with case studies that prove both your experience and trustworthiness and shine a light on honest reviews. Thankfully, satisfied customers are glad to offer their insights. In other words, your track record should be spotless.

It is also important to explain to potential clients the methodology behind your operations and why it works. And, if you have a continuity plan, make sure to let them know.

At the same time, a payroll services company that operates internationally should be aware of the legalities in each country so no fatal mistakes are made. Show your payroll leads that they should trust your legal knowledge. Moreover, you should be updated on the latest payroll software and ensure it can be integrated into the most commonly used company systems. Last but not least, be clear about your pricing, and don’t hide additional costs.

Key Takeaway

Managing payroll in-house can be challenging for many small and large companies. That’s why payroll businesses are becoming ever-popular. But payroll software startups shouldn’t let the steep competition stand in their way, especially with these marketing tips on hand. If you already are a player on the field, you can improve your game significantly by following the tactics we shared. Remember, you are an expert, so don’t be afraid to gloat a bit about your accomplishments (tactfully, of course).