‘Mann Ki Baat’ creates personal bond between PM Modi and citizens, JMI research finds

'Mann Ki Baat' creates personal bond between PM Modi and citizens, JMI research finds

NEW DELHI: The iconic radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat‘, hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will complete its 100th episode on April 30, 2023. This programme has created a strong bond between the PM and the citizens of India.
Under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Najma Akhtar, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has conducted several studies on ‘Mann Ki Baat as a Medium of Communication’, with the support of the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). To celebrate the milestone of 100 episodes of MKB, the university is organizing various programmes.
On April 28, 2023, JMI will host an MKB Symposium and Art Exhibition for students to express their emotions towards the programme. After the 100th episode broadcast, a monograph will be published, and JMI is planning to air all episodes of MKB on Jamia Community Radio 90.4 FM.
The research studies on MKB by JMI will be published in a special edition of the journal ‘Media Mimansa’, released jointly by JMI and MCU Bhopal during a symposium. The studies were conducted using quantitative and qualitative tools by various departments and researchers of JMI.
The outcome of research studies being published in the journal will highlight the impact of the programme on the transformation of India. This will be a testament to the power of MKB, and the incredible impact it has had on the people of this country.
The research studies conducted by JMI shows that through this powerful initiative the Prime Minister has developed a two-way communication process with the citizens of India. MKB transformed into a platform where the Prime Minister directly communicates with the people of the country. It is simple, yet incredibly effective, and has enabled the PM to create a personal bond with nearly a billion people from rural to urban and rich to poor, across the country.
MKB has truly put the entire Nation On Air like a Symphony of the people’s voices, a chorus of their hopes and dreams. The nation eagerly looks forward to the next 100 illuminating editions of MKB and the continued transformation of India.