L&D Staffing Solutions: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide To L&D Staffing Solutions

How Do You Find The Best L&D Staffing Solutions?

More and more businesses are making the switch to L&D staff augmentation versus having a full-scale Learning and Development team in-house. But which roles do you need to fill in your L&D team, and how do you find the right outsourcing partner to maximize ROI? This eBook by ELB Learning is an essential read for organizations that want to reap the rewards of L&D staffing solutions.

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The Definitive Guide To L&D Staff Augmentation

Discover how staff augmentation and outsourcing are ideal strategies during this period of hiring freeze, slashed budgets, and quiet quitting.

Which L&D Staffing Firm Is A Good Fit?

Ultimately, you need a staffing firm that understands the industry and its unique requirements and challenges. Namely, a specialized agency that knows which skillsets and key qualifications eLearning professionals must possess to achieve the desired outcomes. This guide explores every step of the process and the many benefits that L&D staff augmentation can offer your organization.

About This eBook

Should you outsource on a project-by-project basis or take the staff augmentation route? How can L&D staffing solutions help you stretch resources and reduce overhead costs in the long run? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide by ELB Learning:

  • Introduction to Staff Augmentation: Why business success rests primarily on having the right staff with the right skills and knowledge.
  • Your Big Ticket L&D Opportunity: How outsourcing and staff augmentation can help organizations navigate challenging times.
  • Project Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation or Both: Should you seek help from outside resources for a short-term solution?
  • Finding the Right Staffing Solutions Partner: Choosing a specialized staffing firm that’s the perfect fit.
  • Check Your Blind Spots: Familiarize yourself with titles and job descriptions to learn how they contribute to your L&D goals.
  • Understanding L&D Job Titles: Uncover why Instructional Designers are in such high demand.
  • The ELB Learning Staffing Solution: ELB Learning has a team of freelance consultants that’s 2500+ strong.

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