8 Key Traits Of A User-Friendly Customer Training Platform

8 Key Traits Of A User-Friendly Customer Training Platform

Remarkable Key Traits Of A User-Friendly Customer Training Platform

The secret to instilling consumer confidence and increasing repeat business is to keep consumers in the fold. You must give them all the training resources they need to use the products they’ve just purchased and to familiarize themselves with your brand. Before developing demos or tutorials that teach the basics, you need an LMS that accommodates external partners. Namely, consumers who want to access training content during their moment of need and at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The last thing they expect is to log in to the customer training platform only to find a UI designed for tech gurus. Here are 8 key traits of a user-friendly customer training LMS to look for.

8 Things To Look For In Your New Customer Training LMS

1. Supports Some Degree Of Personalization

Your in-house employee training system needs to have a significant amount of personalization support, as development is usually an everyday endeavor. Nevertheless, your customer training software should also allow for some degree of personalization. For example, users are able to customize the color scheme or modify a certain aspect of the dashboard to suit their needs. These simple changes make it more intuitive and user-friendly for customers who access the system on an occasional basis.

2. Offers An Intuitive UI

Above all else, your customer training platform must accommodate every online user, not just those who are particularly tech-savvy. This requires a simple and straightforward user interface that reduces accessibility obstacles. For instance, they don’t have to click through 10 different prompts or screens to view a tutorial or product demo. The recommended resource list is pinned to their home screen, making brushing up on product knowledge stress-free.

3. Gives Customers An Overview Of Available Training Resources

The name of the game is convenience. Customers simply won’t use the training resources if they are difficult to reach. Thus, your new customer training platform must offer them a clickable checklist or another navigable outline. They should have the chance to see what’s available and rapidly access resources catering to their needs. Progress bars are another feature to look for when choosing your next customer training LMS. For best results, invest in a platform that allows you to customize the catalog to boost engagement, such as transforming the basic course outline into a clickable treasure map.

4. Allows For Quick Look-ups And JIT Support

Customers usually don’t have a lot of time to train. For the most part, they visit your training site to handle immediate problems or get quick tips, such as how to clean the product when that blinking red light suddenly appears. Or tricks on upgrading the app so they can get the latest version. Therefore, your customer training solutions must have a built-in search function and support JIT libraries. Customers can just type in “how to fix…” to view relevant resources and not waste a second of their time.

5. Prioritizes Ease Of Navigation

Navigation is the foundation of customer training success. An essential trait of user-friendly customer training solutions is having a clear direction. Where can customers watch a tutorial or participate in a skill-boosting serious game? The system should include familiar navigation icons and easily accessible links/buttons. This is primarily attributed to the layout. As such, look for an LMS that features built-in templates that support white labeling and make navigation a breeze.

6. Incorporates Feedback Tools

User-friendliness is a matter of perspective. While one customer might think that your platform is too simplistic, another may find it overly complicated. As such, your LMS should offer feedback tools so that you can get their input. Conduct surveys and polls to identify design sticking points that warrant your attention. Which, of course, must be backed by reports and data visualizations to help you pinpoint patterns and create a plan of action.

7. Allows For Anytime, Anywhere Access

We often associate anytime, anywhere access with sales channels and other remote employees. However, customers are another external partner branch that requires mobile accessibility. A user-friendly customer training platform must be multiplatform-friendly and responsive so that everyone gets the same benefit. Whether they’re watching a tutorial on their smartphone or taking the “old-fashioned” route by viewing it on a PC. Additionally, your design and development team won’t have to create multiple versions of the training content since the platform automatically adjusts the layout on any device or browser based on breakpoints.

8. Supports Multiple Languages

Last but not least, there’s a small matter of linguistic preferences to consider. Even if you target a very niche demographic or consumer group, there are different languages at play. For example, consumers located in the same geographical location might speak English, Spanish, and French because they hail from different backgrounds. They may be able to understand the basics in another language, but they’re more comfortable with resources in the native dialect. Thus, your new customer training platform must support multiple languages and translations. That said, if you’re dealing with diverse markets, you probably need to take it a step further and hire localization teams, which makes customer training even more user-friendly. Not to mention, relevant and engaging.


A user-friendly customer training LMS makes it easy for your customers to address their needs and tackle common product challenges, such as how to maintain it over time or deal with minor setbacks that often lead to high return rates. However, it all starts with finding the best customer training solutions for your target audience and your L&D team. After all, they’re the ones who have to design the content, implement the strategy, and maintain it for the long haul.

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