6 Tips To Be A Standout Podcast Guest Speaker

6 Tips To Be A Standout Podcast Guest Speaker To Promote Your eLearning Company

How To Effectively Promote Your eLearning Company As A Podcast Guest Speaker

Nowadays, there are numerous ways to help your eLearning business gain visibility and reach a wider audience. One of them includes being a guest speaker on a recognized podcast. With over 500 million people listening to podcasts, it’s easy to understand how beneficial a guest appearance would be for your business. But what happens after you receive this valuable invitation to an expert’s podcast? How do you achieve maximum impact? Read on to discover 6 tips that will help you become a standout podcast guest speaker and effectively promote your eLearning company.

6 Tips To Become A Standout Podcast Guest Speaker

1. Know Your Audience

Being a guest speaker on a podcast resembles a job interview. Apart from preparing your notes and what you want to say about yourself, you also have to know who you will be talking to. While it’s important to know the various podcast segments and the host’s interview style, what you need to learn more about is the audience. Try to find out demographics, professions, as well as specific interests and concerns. If you’re unsure about the listener persona, don’t hesitate to ask the producer for more information. This way, you will be able to better modify your content so that listeners find it as useful and impactful as possible.

2. Prepare Your Content

Becoming a standout guest speaker is more complicated than simply showing up and improvising. Even if you have been interviewed before, it’s not wise to show up unprepared. Some shows will send you a list of questions beforehand, but even if that isn’t the case, note down the questions the host is most likely to ask and outline your answers. Rehearse a few times to make sure your flow is right, but don’t overdo it, or you may end up sounding robotic. Moreover, prepare some case studies and anecdotes you want to share with the audience. Not only will they make the show more captivating, but they will also showcase the efficacy of your eLearning services.

3. Stay On Topic

Keeping your answers short and precise is crucial for maintaining the listeners’ attention. Incorporating a short story or example here and there is, of course, acceptable, as long as you circle back to the initial question and provide a complete answer. Remember that listeners are looking to gain valuable insights and actionable tips from you, and if you can prove your expertise, they will stick around and visit your website. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep the conversation going. Speaking uninterrupted for minutes on end doesn’t leave room for dialogue and is probably extremely dull for listeners. On the contrary, asking questions, sharing opinions, and exchanging stories makes for much more engaging content that attracts more listeners and enhances your authority.

4. Foster An Authentic Connection

When being interviewed on a podcast, it’s essential to present your authentic self. Give honest answers and don’t shy away from difficult questions, even if that means having to share a challenge that your eLearning company went through. Such stories humanize your brand and make it more relatable to the audience. They also show how invested your company is in making a change in the eLearning field. Then, if listeners reach out to you on social media, be sure to respond to their comments. This will create a genuine connection beyond the podcast and even help you foster a community around your eLearning company.

5. Promote Your Company Tactfully

When participating in a podcast as a guest speaker, you obviously do it because you want to promote your eLearning company. However, you also have to be tactful about it. You don’t want the entire podcast to become a long sales pitch. That will alienate listeners rather than attract them to your brand. Instead, try to incorporate subtle mentions of your company or its products, mentioning names only a couple of times and refraining from lengthy descriptions. The idea is to spark the listeners’ interest enough so that they are motivated to visit your website and discover additional resources, such as blogs, courses, tools, and so on.

6. Promote The Podcast

The final step to becoming a standout podcast guest speaker is to do your part in promoting it. Amplifying its reach by sharing it with your own network will maximize its exposure and express to the host your gratitude for receiving an invitation. Share the episode on your social media, newsletter, and website to ensure as much engagement with your audience as possible. The podcast producer will be willing to send you graphics or video snippets that you can use for promotional purposes, as well. This gesture will help you foster ongoing collaborations and possibly lead to more interview opportunities in the future.

Bonus: Ensure Good Sound Quality

Before video conferencing tools became so popular, the sound quality of a podcast was entirely dependent on its producer. But nowadays, it’s not uncommon for professionals to participate in podcasts without ever stepping foot in a studio. Therefore, it’s up to you to make sure listeners get a satisfactory audio experience that will keep them listening until the end of the episode. To achieve that, you must invest in a good-quality microphone and choose an appropriate recording environment with minimal background noise and distractions.


Participating in a podcast with an established audience can be extremely beneficial for your eLearning company. It can enhance your online presence, expose you to new potential customers, and give you a competitive edge. All of this can be achieved if you know the right practices to follow to become a memorable podcast guest speaker. As long as you keep the tips we shared in this article in mind, you will be able to make the most of each interview opportunity and leave a lasting impression on listeners.