5 Top Tips To Win Over Your L&D Subject-Matter Experts

eBook Release 5 Top Tips To Win Over Your Subject Matter Experts

How To Get Your SMEs On Board

Looking for ways to tap into the full potential of your in-house Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs)? This eBook shares 5 top tips to get buy-in and ensure that L&D SMEs keep contributing. You’ll also find out how you can use interviews and existing resources to identify employees with the right know-how, as well as how to choose the ideal tool for your collaborative learning program.

eBook Release

5 Top Tips To Win Over Your Subject-Matter Experts

Uncover tips to streamline your collaboration with SMEs!

Why L&D Subject-Matter Experts Are Your eLearning Allies

Every organization strives to maximize ROI and stretch its budget without cutting corners. However, many overlook a valuable asset right in front of them: employees who already possess niche skills and expertise. The key is knowing who they are and how to encourage them to take on a whole new role in your L&D program. They can become mentors or host events to share ideas and help their peers bridge gaps. But that’s just the tip of the SME iceberg. This eBook offers tips to win them over, create a collaborative learning culture, and ensure that your L&D Subject-Matter Experts strike a balance to avoid burnout.

About This eBook

How can you demonstrate the value of L&D Subject-Matter Experts? Are there ways to get employees emotionally invested in your training program so that they’re ready and willing to actively participate? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide by 360Learning:

  • How to promote a culture of peer-driven learning by leveraging SMEs
  • How to prove to SMEs that their contribution will help solve business-critical challenges
  • Why setting expectations is the most important factor in engaging SMEs
  • How to reward and celebrate your SMEs

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