5 Guest Author Titles That Stood Out In March

5 Guest Author Titles That Stood Out In March

eLI Posts That Are A Perfect Fit For eLearning Pros

Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to incorporate different viewpoints into your eLearning experiences or need some guidance when choosing your NextGen LMS, these posts are here to help you navigate challenges and achieve L&D success. In no particular order, here are the top eLI guest articles published last month.

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5 Guest Author Titles That Stood Out In March

1. Learning From First Principles: An Incognito Thought Experiment By Visakhananda S

This thought experiment explores the potential of redesigning learning from scratch based on the five first principles of incognito learning. Visakhananda S delves into authentic immersion, viral wisdom flows, subtle guidance, emergent curricula, and psychologically safe cultures.

2. Through Feline Eyes: Unveiling New Perspectives In eLearning By Garima Gupta

The article explores Stray, a game that immerses players as a cat in a dystopian world and advocates for perspective-taking in eLearning. Garima Gupta emphasizes integrating diverse viewpoints for empathy development, suggesting practical strategies like scenario-based learning.

3. The Science Of Critical Thinking And The Importance Of eLearning By Michael Faboye

Critical thinking involves actively and skillfully analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to make reasoned judgments or decisions. Michael Faboye highlights how this requires questioning assumptions, recognizing biases, and applying logical reasoning to assess arguments and evidence effectively.

4. Navigating The Start-Up Minefield: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Launching Your Tech Company By James Diko

Launching a tech start-up? Learn from common mistakes to avoid failure. James Diko provides insights on hiring, market research, customer feedback, financial management, focus, and marketing strategies for success.

5. The Future Of Learning Management Systems: NextGen Tools, From VR/AR To AI-Driven Teacher Assistants By Peter Oykhman

The LMS industry is transitioning to the new paradigm of learning management tools. Peter Oykhman uncovers how the NextGen LMS will revolutionize learning.

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