A Comparison Of 4 Cases

Standards In eLearning: 4 Cases

eLearning Standards: Cases, Roadblocks, And Tips Nowadays, dozens of different eLearning systems are available on the market. If each of them accepts only tailored content and isn’t interoperated with another software, it will be a killer for the entire sphere. That’s why the common standards appeared (SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI) to save the eLearning domain […]

Market Your L&D Company: 5 Creative Ideas

5 Ideas To Market Your L&D Company

Market Your L&D Company We all know that when you start a business it’s important to promote it as well. But the marketing budget can a little expensive for your budget at the beginning. So, I was thinking about providing some ideas on how you can market your L&D company from the beginning, creating brand […]

Alpha, Beta, Gold Stages In eLearning Content Development

What Are Alpha, Beta, Gold Stages In eLearning Content Development?

From Alpha To Gold: eLearning’s Development Path eLearning is a vital tool in Learning and Development (L&D), offering a flexible and efficient method of delivering learning and training. It’s not just about compiling information, but about designing an experience that facilitates learning. Mastering eLearning content development allows L&D professionals to create engaging, effective learning materials […]

5 eLearning Writing Springboards For Your Next Guest Article

5 eLearning Writing Springboards For Your Guest Article

Writing Ideas That Are Trending Now How do you get students motivated in online learning environments? What are the most common eLearning localization mistakes to avoid? How can gamification allow you to transform your corporate training strategy? This list of eLearning writing inspirations can help you create a compelling eLI guest post that’s based on […]

Informal Sector Business And Reducing Graduate Unemployment

Informal Sector Business And Its Role In Reducing Graduate Unemployment

Advantages Of IS Business For Graduate Unemployed The issue of graduate unemployment continues to pose a significant challenge in today’s competitive job market. As traditional employment opportunities become limited, an alternative avenue emerges in the form of the informal sector. This article aims to explore the role of informal sector businesses in reducing graduate unemployment. […]

Project Discovery Phase: Top 7 Unrealistic Expectations

Top 7 Unrealistic Expectations At The Project Discovery Phase And How To Resolve Them

Discovery Phase Is The First Step To Project Success The discovery phase is a vital time when clients and development teams come together to share their dreams and expectations for a successful project. It’s all about teamwork and understanding each other’s vision to create something truly amazing. Of course, sometimes this phase comes with its […]

Instructional Design In eLearning: The Backbone For Effectiveness

Instructional Design Services: The Backbone Of Effective eLearning

How Instructional Design Transforms eLearning In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, the shift toward online learning has become more pronounced than ever. As technology continues to reshape the way we acquire knowledge, Instructional Design emerges as a crucial element in the development of effective eLearning courses. This article aims to explore the pivotal role […]

5 eLearning Data Analysis Pitfalls And How To Expertly Avoid Them

5 eLearning Data Analysis Pitfalls And How To Expertly Avoid Them

Which Mistakes Must You Avoid During The Data Analysis Process? Despite its many positive effects on Learning and Development, research has shown that data analysis is a rather challenging process. Results can sometimes be skewed or poor representations of reality, and it all boils down to a number of mistakes eLearning professionals make. In this […]

Create An eLearning Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Create An Engaging eLearning Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

Developing Learning Initiatives That Work! Creating an eLearning course is a comprehensive process that involves careful planning, collaboration with stakeholders, content creation, and effective presentation techniques to engage your audience. In today’s digital age, eLearning has become a vital tool for education and professional development, offering flexible, accessible, and diverse learning opportunities. This guide will […]

Making sense of GDP numbers

Making sense of GDP numbers

The 8.4% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth print for the quarter ending December 2023 has, expectedly, generated a lot of buzz around the state of the Indian economy. A Bloomberg forecast of economists expected this number to be just 6.6%. Has the Indian economy entered a growth trajectory that is way above what was believed […]