NCERT syllabus shall be half by Session 2019

Prakash Javedkar - NCERT syllabus

The National Council Of Educational Research And Training ,NCERT syllabus might be diminished to half from next 2019 session , giving school students a sigh of relief, said The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar. He said the school syllabus was way more than of B.A and B.Com courses & it should be trimmed significantly with the goal that students have time to do different exercises for their inside and out advancement. The minister additionally elaborated on the changes in school training under thought, and said examinations and detainments would be presented. In the following piece of Budget session, a bill regarding this will be considered in Parliament.


Javadekar said “Alongside studies, a child needs physical education, life skills and value-based education as education is not just memorizing and putting it down in the answer sheet, while stressing on the education given in schools. Education is comprehensive, to put to use one’s cognitive and analytical abilities. That is true education… The NCERT syllabus is so cramped. Hence we have decided to reduce the syllabus by half.”


Effect of opposition on execution of New NCERT Syllabus

Noticeably, the progressions that the minister discussed on Saturday were announced  in February this year. Explaining to why the changes couldn’t be taken till now, Javadekar stated that the Congress didn’t allow Parliament to function earlier and hence the draft could not be taken up so far. Hence he is now faithful that it will come up before Parliament in the July session since all the parties have supported the freedom given to the states (to decide on pass/fail issue). While some states, including West Bengal, want the exam and rest were given respect to exercise their freedom. Changes in no-detention policy shall be a reality by August and other respective states shall be left.

While talking of creating new atmosphere for students to their general advancement, the Minister said that every centrally-aided school shall get sports gear.

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