Moulding Young Ones Like A Skilled Potter

Moulding Young Ones Like A Skilled Potter

AK Srikanth, CEO, Founding Years Learning Solutions, KLAY Preschools and Daycare, describes how the playschool fulfils the learning needs of toddlers in a wholesome way

AK Srikanth’s journey with KLAY started in 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer, following which in 2020 he was elevated to the role of the CEO. As he says, “The journey has been an exhilarating one, that has taught me a lot even though I came into KLAY with over two decades of experience. This is not just a workplace where I have seen the company triple its turnover and turn profitable during my tenure, but also one where I sensed a camaraderie that I have seldom seen in other companies.”

In terms of facilities, care and learning atmosphere, KLAY provides a wholesome experience and Srikanth shares, “Our wonderful facilities, the quality of care and development that we provide, the scale of our operations, all of this has a magic mantra that is difficult to replicate: the bond that the employees share amongst themselves, with the brand, the children and the parents.”

The consistent efforts at KLAY in keeping the child at the centre of all the decision-making has helped structure a robust curriculum that assesses children across all developmental milestones. “Providing children the right environment to grow and nurturing each child’s unique personality, ensures that parents can place their unwavering trust in our safe hands,” he says.

What kids want

Describing the process of engagement with children, parents and teachers, Srikanth says, “The joy and pride our staff carries into work goes a long way in ensuring that our children are happy and therefore their parents are happy. My monthly visits at the centre help me understand what motivates our facilitators and caregivers to come to our classrooms every day.”

He also believes it’s important to keep an ear to the ground in terms of what parents are saying about the team, both good and bad. “Our feedback mechanism comprises NPS surveys, consolidating Google reviews and parent sentiment analysis. These useful exercises help us work upon areas of improvement.”

As regards the most important thing one needs to keep in mind when interacting with young children, Srikanth says young children are quick learners and easily impressionable. They learn from their surroundings and the people closest to them. “Hence, I think it is important to create a stimulating environment where the child wants to be and foster social, cognitive and emotional development that is conducive to their capabilities,” he states.

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