Mobilizing Nudges For Vibrant Academic Learning Students

Nudge Education
Education is one of the basic indicators of the prosperity of any social group. Connotations of the development process of any nation have historically focused on quality education. Education systems in the schools need to readjust their curricula as well as teaching methods to prepare minds for solving problems. But changes do not happen in seconds. Instead, change arrives gradually over weeks and months with the assistance of many “nudges” to keep it moving in the proper direction. Nudges are little activities you can apply in the classroom that helps in enhancing the overall experience and carry all your students to a place which is academically and socially viable. Education, in general, has benefited tremendously from these nudges. In the 21st century, it has become quite clear that the ability to cope with rapid changes in the education system is the primary measure of success. The role of a student has transformed from a mere ‘learner’ to an ‘assimilator’ of information. The role of a teacher has also changed. Here are some tips to use nudges in a better way.

More Visual Instruction

If you need to convey long and complex instructions to your students, the best way is to write them down visually where the students can easily visualize them. Writing things down is a better idea to nudge your students in the direction of easy-to-understand.

Automatic text messaging services

This is the best way to keep students and their families involved. You can easily push out information and updates easily. This can easily turn in to a great motivational tool for students who needs a little bit of nudging to study.

Personal Phone calls

The best way to motivate your students is to give him/her a phone call. Every student desires to get appreciation from their teachers. So, the teachers can give a call to their high –performing students to recognize their hard mettle and to appreciate their family members for supporting. This is a good way to build goodwill. Furthermore, a call to a demotivated student can also bring oodles of joy and motivation to him/her.

Keep stationery items ready

As a teacher, you should keep an ample amount of pens, pencils, erasers, paper, etc. in a handy and accessible location. Sometimes it happens that a good instruction gets interrupted when a teacher needs to assist a child to get a minor school supply. If you have enough stationary items stored in an accessible location, you can easily instruct students to get them for there. Thus, classroom instruction time will be saved.

Give extra time

If any students need help after school, whether it’s a major or a small help, make a point of seeing them. These students appreciate the attention of a caring adult.

Social media

The advancement of social media has been quite noticeable in the modern education world. In fact, it is not a secret anymore that the majority of Teachers and Professors highly appreciate the power of these tools which has the ability to engage, motivate as well as to involve the students into deep thought and sensible discussion. Following are the ways in which social media can help students and teachers in Education.
  • Students can post questions and get feedback from other fellow students and teachers.
  • Teachers can inform students about upcoming events and schedules.
  • The teachers can create a list resourceful links for students to use in assignments.
  • Live chat features facilitate teachers/parents to communicate about a specific issue.
  • Virtual discussion about topics can be established.
  • Social media can be employed as a motivating tool to foster students’ participation in the learning process.
  • Students can be exposed to the various tools to aid in the education process, whether they are traditional or cutting-edge, Students need to nudge regularly so that they can accumulate information from many sources- print source, experts in person and online and fellow classmates.
These nudges are required to reach the target groups with limited access and to promote the opportunity for lifelong learning. Now, we will shed a light on the important reasons behind the success of nudges. Read Also: Faculty Shortage In Indian Universities Are Now Permanent


Each nudge comprises brief and direct instructions so that the students don’t misinterpret. The whole process is so simple and yet effective.

Proper Scheduling

These nudges can help students to schedule duties and make long-term plans. With the aid of this service, they cannot forget to submit the assignment on time.

Student Support Service

Students who are coming to the college campus from smaller towns and lower-income families should be provided with full support to help them go through the hard times. With the help of these nudges, they will be reminded about the yearly renewal, course registration, and other administrative procedures. Read Also: Cloud Campus: The Future Of The Indian Higher Education


Besides helping in the administrative procedures, the text message nudges help young people to find the right classroom. These nudges facilitate student in finding the right thing without squandering any time.


Last but not the least why nudges are so successful. Many students often feel de-motivated and disoriented due to the huge curricula. Motivating and encouraging messages to help them to find the right balance and inspire them to take positive action like attending the lectures or joining a local sports team. To sum up, these nudges focuses on the removal of many restrictions and rigidities in opening the doors of education for the needy learners. They can facilitate in boosting academic performance, particularly students belonging to rural or low-income families. The effective use of nudges can foster the quality of learning and the smooth functioning of higher education. The instructors must plan ahead, be highly organized and communicate with learners in new ways. Although it will take a few more years to recognize the real worth of nudges in improving the academic performance of students. To keep pace with changing times, the academic nudges must be included to achieve excellence in quality management. The use of nudges for improving academic performance plays an important role in both the development of logical and analytical thinking.

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