Maharashtra College installs 50KW solar plant

Maharashtra College has installed a rooftop solar plant of 50 Kilo Watt peak, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint .

“With the way things are going, there is a foreboding rumination on environmental change. We thought that one of the best ways of imparting the value of conserving nature was to do something that would help reduce our institution’s carbon footprint. Therefore, we decided to set up this plant in order to promote the application of natural resources in the larger interest of the environment and the nation,” said Dr Sirajuddin Chougule, Principal, Maharashtra College.

The Highlights

The plant, set up at a cost of Rs 38 lakh, would generate 70,000 units of electricity per year and help in the saving Rs 7.70 lakh in electricity cost per year. The 150 solar panels would save carbon footprint of 37.1 tonnes per annum. The college would generate its own electricity at a cost of Rs 2.71 per unit for 25 years against its average tariff of Rs 14 per unit for next 25 years.

50KW solar plant

Maharashtra College – The Pride of Maharashtra

Maharashta College is located on Belassis Road on the cusp of Kamathipura and Nagpada — the two localities stigmatised due to their association with prostitution and the underworld. Maharashta College has played a pivotal role in ensuring that students from the minority community in Mumbai and its adjoining areas could have access to quality education. For years, the college has fought hard to counter the stigma associated with its location to churn out scholars.

The college was started in 1968 by social worker Mohammed Ali Mitha. It took birth under the aegis of the Khairul Islam Higher Education Society, whose president was Dr Rafiq Zakaria, a veteran parliamentarian, writer, educationist and Islamic scholar.

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