Low Attendance bars Law students in DU from appearing for exams

Around 150 first year Delhi University law students now face an uncertain future. They have been stopped from giving the first semester exams due to short attendance.


The decision was taken due to attendance norm set by the Bar Council of India (BCI)  which says that a student needs to have at least 70 per cent attendance otherwise the student cannot be allowed to sit for the exam.

Apart from that, DU’s law faculty have detained around 250 students out of the total 7,000 students on account of having lower than 70 per cent attendance. According to the first year students of the university, they are the worst hit as they will now have to give entrance exam again to take fresh admission in the course.

The semester exams started on Tuesday but the first year students were not allowed to sit for the scheduled exam on the same day.


“I don’t know what my exact attendance is but my admit card was not given to me as my name was in the list of students with lower than 70 per cent attendance. I will no longer be a student and will have to give entrance again to study law at DU. This is a major problem only for the first year students,” a first year student of the university told Hindustan Times.

“Last year also special provision was given to students to give exam. We will be holding a protest today at the faculty against this decision as it has put future of so many students at stake. Some students have also filed a writ petition on this issue,” she added in her statement.

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