Kerala State Higher Education Board: Online Education Is Not Temporary

Kerala state higher education board

The bothering analysis from political rivals and the sad demise of a Dalit young lady, who had no access to classes broadcast on the TV station, may have constrained even the, in any case, difficult chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan to dress up online method of education as a temporary game plan to get over the emergency achieved by the pandemic.

Be that as it may, the Kerala state higher education board (KSHEC) drove by left savvy and historian Rajan Gurukkal minced no words in expressing how incapable the fights against the online method of education could be in the post-Covid-19 situation in the higher education.

A draft policy archive arranged by the Kerala State Higher Education Council peruses, “Contemplations about post-Covid-19 higher education policy attempts to catch the degree and profundity of innovation helped education which the committee predicts would drive higher education division in different manners in the coming days.

The main inquiry that remaining parts relevant would be the means by which adroit the higher education area is in rethinking itself in the new techno-monetary culture that the post Covid world is destined to grasp”.

“Pandemic lockdown has helped the world thrill the changes, particularly the method of educating and assessment. Apparently the unforeseen circumstance will typically separate the higher education institutions into two sorts.

One sort covering humanities and social sciences educated casually through virtual mode including less cost and implied for the overall population. The other kind covering medicine, pharmacy, nursing, pure sciences, engineering, and architecture instructed officially through the grounds mode including more cost,” the draft records anticipated.

Lockdown-actuated conclusion of higher educational institutions will urge instructors and understudies to fall back on online mode and there would be a require an ‘accepted changing to the arrangement of virtual learning’, said the draft record that has been sent to a consultative board of trustees including education specialists for calibrating.

“Hailed progressively compelling, snappy and more affordable the online method of educating would permit all the open and other colleges to run UG and PG programs in online mode driving an exceptionally colossal number of educators into a mode new to them,” said the record.

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