Is Rapid eLearning Outsourcing The Right Solution? [eBook]

Is Rapid eLearning Outsourcing The Right Solution? [eBook]

Is Rapid eLearning The Right Solution For Your Organization?

How do you ride the tides of change and ensure that your employees have all the support they need to tackle emerging challenges? Rapid eLearning gives organizations the power to stay one step ahead and achieve desired outcomes without having to sacrifice knowledge retention or learner engagement. You could develop these programs in-house, but many L&D teams opt for rapid eLearning outsourcing to stretch available resources. CommLab India’s eBook has all the info you need to get started, including examples, real-world benefits, and tips for making a strong business case.

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Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D

Have you ever wondered how the use of rapid eLearning significantly impacts business results? Get answers to all your questions!

Should You Consider Rapid eLearning Outsourcing?

One of the most common misconceptions about eLearning outsourcing is that it’s too costly. Why would you hire a company to create content when you can rely on your internal team to get the job done? In reality, rapid eLearning outsourcing partners can help you expedite the development timeline and stretch your budget, as they have the necessary tools and expertise. For example, they’re able to help you identify gaps in your current strategy that you can bridge with rapid eLearning activities to boost employee self-confidence and prevent on-the-job mistakes. Translations, legacy course conversions, and classroom-to-digital learning conversions are all part of the package when you choose the right provider. From scenarios to game-based learning activities, rapid eLearning companies are able to utilize the latest tech to create training sessions that stick. Here are a few of the top questions to ask when choosing a service provider:

  • Do they have a proven track record backed by case studies and positive reviews?
  • What is their level of authoring tool expertise?
  • Do they provide samples so that you can evaluate the quality of their work?
  • Does the company offer a broad range of solutions, such as microlearning and video-based learning?

About This eBook

Which tools do you need to implement rapid eLearning and get measurable results? How can this approach help make your organization more agile so that you’re able to adapt to change quickly? CommLab India’s eBook covers all the rapid eLearning essentials. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Training @ The Speed of Business with Rapid eLearning: In the modern workplace, there is a need for quick, relevant training programs across industry verticals.
  • The Great Shift In L&D and Rapid eLearning: L&D teams need to demonstrate the value of learning and develop new skillsets.
  • Rapid eLearning – The True Picture: What are the secrets behind rapid eLearning success?
  • Rapid eLearning Services and Outsourcing: Which rapid eLearning services can your organization avail?
  • The High-Octane Fuel of Rapid eLearning – Authoring Tools: Leveraging rapid eLearning authoring tools, AI, and rapid learning software to achieve your goals.
  • The Rapid eLearning Implementation Toolkit: Make a winning business case for rapid eLearning implementation.
  • Rapid eLearning Accelerators: Plug-and-play templates, checklists, and cheat sheets are just a few accelerators that provide flexibility.
  • Rapid eLearning and Business Results: Examples that prove the power of rapid eLearning.

How To Get Your Copy

Download the eBook Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D today to uncover the secrets for launching a successful rapid eLearning program that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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