Institutes Not Returning Fees After Withdrawal Of Admission Will Face Action: HRD Minister Satyapal Singh

Dr. Satyapal Singh, Minister of State for HRD Ministry, recently tweeted; informing the Higher Education Institutes that they will no longer be allowed to exploit the students. The Institutes will have to return/refund the fees in case a student withdraws his/her admission. Failing to do so will result in strict action against the particular Higher Education Institution. Denial in refunding of the fees and the documents is a serious issue faced by many students, nationwide. If a student wants to withdraw his/her admission; (reason being any personal or other) many Higher Education Institutions create problems and deny the refund. A senior HRD ministry official explained that it has been often noticed that some Higher Education institutions either don’t refund the fees or deduct an extravagant amount while returning. This practice will be ceased as the institutes will be liable to the strict action. But as the HRD Minister said… Now No More! The student’s original documents and the fees which are submitted at the time of admission will have to be returned by the concerned institute. Certainly, this decision taken to bring a sense of relief to the students who at times want to withdraw their admission from an Institution; they have to forfeit the fee submitted as some of the institutes have it in their prospectus of returning the fee only up to a certain limit (amount). Although warnings were previously given to the institutions following such practice now with rigid rules and regulations; rigorous action will be taken against them if the instructions are not followed.
“This could include withdrawal of approval and recognition of erring institutions,” one of the ministers said.
This step has been taken to prevent the professional higher education institutions from exploiting students from “exercising other options of joining institutions of their choice.”  This will certainly bring a halt to their age-old scams and will also prevent corruption to a certain level going on in the higher education institutions by holding them back from making unlawful and unethical money. This will be like a tear to their pockets as they earn quite a great amount of money, (reaching in crores) just by not refunding the fees amount to the students. And yes! It was a much-needed step to be taken by the government for the development and growth of not only the students but for the country as a whole as well.

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