Incorporating Nature In Learning – BW Education

Incorporating Nature In Learning - BW Education

Prashant Gupta, Chairman, Sharda World School, describes how the school has developed a nature-based infrastructure and an innovative environment

With the core ideology of nation-building and nurturing brilliant brains, Sharda World School (SWS) is backed by over 25 years of educational legacy by the founders of Sharda University and the Sharda Group for developing a conducive environment and knowledge among young learners. SWS started its journey of primary and secondary education to enhance students’ character, physical and mental development at the right adolescent stage, which is sidelined with the western education practice in India.

“We are the ‘Panchamahabhuta School’, the first Indian school to incorporate five elements of life; Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jala), Fire (Tejas), Wind (Vayu) and Space (Akasha) in the learning philosophy,” Prashant Gupta, Chairman, Sharda World School, proudly says.

SWC has the winning combination of nature-based infrastructure and highly qualified faculty with innovative teaching freedom. The institute also monitors students’ health with yearly medical check-ups and ensures the young future adapts to a healthy ayurvedic diet for their well-being. The unique model of the ayurvedic diet among students helps the school to set up a six months diet plan based on the expert’s assessment that ensures the exact nutrition required by him or her at the initial growing stage that in turn helps to achieve the right trajectory for the physical development of the students. SWC believes as the school is outside the main city, students can focus on their academic and personal growth without getting distracted by the day-to-day activities of the fast-paced cities enabling the students to establish an equilibrium with nature.

The classrooms, campus and library at Sharda are designed in a transformative system that balances both technology and Indian teaching values, certainly maintaining quality learning in faster and better ways. The school has even collaborated with American School Districts Education Association (ASDEA) and the Finland Education Hub which helps to inculcate international practice with the CBSE curriculum followed by the school.

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