Illiteracy a big Challenge for Nation, Leadership: Venkaiah Naidu

Illiteracy a big Challenge for Nation, Leadership: Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu recently said that a country cannot claim itself to be developed when even 15 percent of the country’s population is not educated while stressing the need for increased attention to adult education. He expressed his views on the issues after he presented the Nehru and Tagore Literacy Awards, to individuals and institutions that have made significant contributions to the field of education and national development.

Challenge for development

We’re proving ourselves the best in IT and moving towards digitalization, but basic adult education needs greater attention,” said the Vice President.

Further adding to his comments, he said, “A country cannot claim itself to be developed if even 15 percent of its population is not educated. It is a challenge for the country and leadership.”

Imbalance in literacy

Expressing his concerns about the imbalance in literacy, he said, “We have made significant strides in the field of education over the past 7 decades. However, there still exists a huge imbalance in basic literacy skills in our society. This is a cause of concern.

Venkaiah Naidu also advised schools to encourage their students to conduct adult education drives in their respective areas.

He further added that students should be given extra marks for such activities.

NEP and adult education

Expanding on his views on the NEP 2020, the Vice President praised the policy for its emphasis on various aspects of adult education.

He explained further that such an approach opens new vistas of growth and development via the availment of lifelong opportunities in socio-economic and cultural development.

He then added, “It recommends multiple avenues, including crowdfunding and utilizing online and app-based technology, satellite-based television channels, online study resources and libraries for the development and promotion of adult education centers.”

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