IIT Guwahati to Collaborate With Assam Government on Various Projects to Boost Region’s Development

IIT Guwahati to Collaborate With Assam Government on Various Projects to Boost Region's Development

Officials from several departments of the Assam government and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati had a detailed meeting to prepare to plan the future course of action and collaborate in many disciplines linked to the region’s development. The delegation from the state government consisted of officials from various departments like Mines and Minerals, Industry, Commerce, Public Enterprises, and Transport and was led by the Principal Secretary to the Government of Assam K K Dwivedi.

The following agendas were discussed in the meeting.

Opening of a Mining Department at IIT Guwahati

A Mining Department at IIT Guwahati is expected to help train young students while involving seasoned professionals for developing methods and means in the form of technical guidance and research to utilize the immense natural resources dispersed throughout Assam and the northeast.

Organising the International Road Safety Conclave

Along with the Ministry of Transport, the Government of Assam, the involvement of IIT Guwahati in the organization of the international road safety conclave will be taken up immediately and efforts to enhance road safety across the region will further be intensified.

Methods of Advancing Tea Technology

IIT Guwahati will support research on the application of tea components in a variety of fields, including medicine, health, and wellbeing.

Further, along with state officials, efforts will also be made to highlight the importance of various varieties of teas and their rich ingredients.

Support for Assam Skill University

IIT Guwahati has also been asked by the Assam government for support and collaboration in the plan proposed for setting up the Assam Skill University.

A research and development facility is proposed to be accommodated in multiple aspects to look after inland water transport under the purview of the engineering department.

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