IIT Delhi Launches BTech in Energy Engineering, JEE Advanced Qualified Students Eligible

IIT Delhi Launches BTech in Energy Engineering, JEE Advanced Qualified Students Eligible

IIT Delhi has launched a new UG programme BTech in Energy Engineering and students who have qualified for JEE Advanced are eligible to apply. The programme will be offered by IIT Delhi’s Department of Energy Science and Engineering. The new programme will start from the academic session 2021-2022 with an intake of 40 students.

The Institute’s 45-year-old Centre for Energy Studies (now Department of Energy Science and Engineering) has been one of the oldest centres in the country imparting education in the energy domain and engaged in cutting-edge research through its three MTech, and Doctoral (PhD) programmes.

What is the relevance of a BTech in Energy Engineering?

There is a critical need to develop human resources with the capacity to address various energy and environment-related challenges holistically with the necessary foresight and vision, feels Prof. KA Subramanian, Head, Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE), IIT Delhi.

Speaking of the new programme, Prof. Subramanian further said, “The BTech programme in Energy Engineering is designed to equip the students with the essential knowledge and skills to take up the energy sector challenges and provide solutions to the problems towards achieving sustainable energy, which is accessible, available, and affordable.”

Prof. Subramanian further

“Energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It is in a critical transition from conventional to clean and renewable energy resulting in ample placement opportunities in energy sectors,” he added.

Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi said, “Energy is crucial as it has considerable implications on economic development and environmental sustainability. Hence, many opportunities exist in the energy sector.”

“The educational structure of IIT Delhi ensures depth in one subject area with sufficient width in other areas allowing a student to obtain an all-round education with 50% education coming from the parent department and the remaining 50% coming from other departments,” he added.

Career opportunities after BTech in Energy Engineering

The Energy Engineering graduates are likely to find the best technology jobs in core energy sectors and organizations engaged in a variety of activities pertaining to climate change, conventional energy transition to clean and renewable energy, energy access and security, application of AI and IoT in the energy sector, etc. and will also be apt candidates for higher studies in leading national and international institutions.

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