IIM Bangalore, TBS Host Future Of Aviation And Aerospace Conference 2019


Organized by IIM Bangalore for the second consecutive year, this edition of the conference, timed during ‘Aero India’, the premier aviation event in the country.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore or IIMB, in collaboration with Toulouse Business School (TBS), France, today hosted the international conference on Future of Aviation and Aerospace 2019, a premier event in the presence of industry experts and aerospace management professionals.

Organized by IIM Bangalore for the second consecutive year, this edition of the conference, timed during ‘Aero India‘, the premier aviation event in the country, saw participation from aviation experts from across the world, executives from major airline companies, alumni of the General Management Programme for Aerospace Executives (GMAE) at IIMB and the present batch of students of the program.   

The conference was inaugurated Ajay Mehra, Bombardier- Commercial Aircraft; Professor Francois Bonvalet, Dean – TBS France; Dr Raghunath S, Professor from the Strategy area GMAE Director at IIMB and Conference Chair, and Dr. Christophe Benaroya, from TBS France.

At the inauguration, IIMB Director Prof. G Raghuram, who sent his video message, highlighted the need to study the aviation value chain. “We need to encourage startups, and the right talent to bring in expertise to the aviation sector,” he said. 

In his key note address, Ajay Mehra, Bombardier-Commercial Aircraft, said the sector faced the challenge of protectionism. “Along with protectionism, we face a key issue with manufacturing while there are large opportunities out there. We need to build on long-term institutional structures that will be implemented to address the cost issues in the sector.” 

Professor Francois Bonvalet, Dean – TBS France, highlighted the collaboration between IIMB and TBS. He said, “We have signed a successful partnership with IIMB, which has already witnessed 4 cohorts in the GMAE programme, forming a strong alumni network. Through this program, we have successfully been able to cater to the skills that the industry requires, placing our students across leading players such as Etihad Airways, Jet Airways etc.”

Prof. S. Raghunath, from IIMB, observed that the remarkable relationship between IIMB and TBS has contributed to professionalizing managerial talent in Indian aerospace and commercial aviation sector through their management education programme. 

Dr. Christophe Benaroya, from TBS France, spoke about the need to explore industry from a marketing perspective. He said, “As much as policies are important for the sector, it is equally important for our services to be more customer-driven. The data derived from the services should be rightly shared across a supply chain to understand industry trends.” 

(Source NDTV)

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