HRD Ministry Releases Five-Year Vision Set Up

HRD Minister

The set up has been named EQUIP or Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme.

In accordance with the choice of the Prime Minister for finalizing a five-year vision set up for every ministry, the Department of Higher Education of HRD Ministry has finalized and Released a five-year vision set up. The set up has been named EQUIP or Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme.

According to the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry, this report has been ready once a close exercise is done by consultants — UN agency chaired ten ‘Groups’ — drawn from senior academicians, directors, and industrialists, UN agency has urged quite fifty initiatives that ‘would rework the Higher education sector completely’.

The five-year set up covers 10 focus areas like ways for increasing access, Towards world best teaching/learning method, Promoting Excellence, Governance reforms, Assessment, certification & Ranking systems, Promotion of analysis & innovation, Employability & entrepreneurship, exploitation Technology for higher reach, group action, finance education

The consultants embrace Hasmukh Adhia, Chancellor, Central University Gujarat; Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan, former Chairman – ISRO, Amitabh philosopher, CEO, NITI Aayog and crease Gopalakrishnan, former CEO, Infosys among others.

The teams headed by consultants have set many goals for the education sector that embrace doubling the Gross enrolment ratio (GER) in education and resolve the geographically and socially skew access to educational establishments in the Asian nation.

Upgrade the standard of education to world standards, position a minimum of fifty Indian establishments among the top-1000 world universities, introduce governance reforms in education for well-administered campuses, certification of all establishments as Associate in Nursing assurance of quality, and promote analysis & Innovation ecosystems for positioning Asian nation within the Top-3 countries within the world in matters of data creation area unit another goals.

For each initiative, the teams have counseled modalities for implementation, investments, and timelines.

The proposal would currently be taken for inter-departmental consultations and appraisal through the EFC mechanism before being taken to the cupboard for approval, HRD Ministry is aforesaid in a very statement.

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