Experts from Army, Navy & IAF express views in India’s security in international seminar

Experts from Army, Navy & IAF express views in India's security in international seminar

Raipur: Department of Defence Studies, Government Nagarjuna Post Graduate College of Science, Raipur, organised a two-day international seminar on India’s security on Wednesday and Thursday.
Speaking on the topic, India’s Strategic Interest in the Indian Ocean on day one, Captain Sanjay Parashar, who joined the seminar through videoconferencing from Mumbai, said that India cannot take the Indian Ocean lightly under any circumstances. India’s import-export, fisheries industry, petroleum industry etc. are directly connected to the Indian Ocean. The nation that dominates the sea, will become the superpower of the future, he said. Commodore Arnab Das, founder and director, Maritime Research Centre, Pune, threw lights on the activities happening under the sea.
Professor I B Singh, former Academic Administrator (UAE), said that India’s independence has remained intact whenever the Indian Ocean has been dominated by the nation. Whenever foreign powers intervened in the Indian Ocean, India has weakened in the land area, he said.
As the last speaker of the inaugural day, Captain Arijit Das, Ex Indian Navy Officer, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Raipur elaborated through PPT on the security management of India’s maritime border.
On day two of the seminar, Professor Hari Sharan, Ex Pro-Vice Chancellor, DDUGU, Gorakhpur said that economic progress of any country is the indicator of the progress of the Navy of that country. Therefore, as economic progress is taking place in India, the Indian Navy is also getting stronger. The strength of China’s growing power of Navy shows its economic progress. China’s increasing interference in the Indian Ocean is constantly posing a challenge to India, he said. Dr Vimal Nayan Pandey from University of Delhi, said that between 2003 and 2013, after sending its Navy to the Gulf of Aden, China has now started living permanently in the Indian Ocean. The constant presence of its surveillance ships in the Indian Ocean is also a challenge for India, he said.
Satish Mishra, Ex-Group Captain, IAF, Raipur, said that in view of the rising challenge of China and the future threat from the Malacca waterway, India has established the Tri Service Command on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Nagarjuna College Defence Studies Department head Professor Girish Kant Pandey gave his views on the whole subject. Dr Meghesh Tiwari, principal of Vipra College was also present.

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