Around 2/3rd of Colleges Enroll Less Than 500 Students: Survey


Less Than 500 Students Enrollment in 2/3rd Colleges: Survey

Of the total 38,179 colleges, which were surveyed under the All India Survey on Higher Education 2018-19 (AISHE), very nearly two-third or 64 per cent had only 500 students enrolled in them. Indeed, even among these, the greater part of the colleges have an enrollment of under 200 students. 

The yearly survey, which is conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, was discharged a week ago. 

As indicated by the survey, just around four per cent of the total colleges in the nation had in excess of 3,000 students enrolled with them while in total, around 19 per cent of the colleges had in excess of 1,000 students. Around 35 per cent of the colleges, the nation overrun just ‘one’ program, around four in each 10 of which run B.Ed. the course just, the survey uncovered. Four-fifths of these colleges are privately dealt with, the survey found. 

Altogether, 962 universities, 38,179 colleges and 9,190 independent institutions in the nation (both private and open) participated in the 2018-19 survey of the total 993 universities, 39,931 colleges and 10,725 independent institutions recorded on AISHE portal. Students’ enrollment is taken on a moving premise, which means every one of the students enrolled in a discipline (eg. total of first, second, third, and fourth-year students in an engineering course) as on September 30th of the scholarly year of the survey. A total of 3.74 crore students were enrolled in higher education over every one of the institutions as on 2018-19 – the most noteworthy number at any point recorded. 

A conceivable consideration of unrecognized colleges in the survey might be an explanation of low enrollment numbers in the majority of these colleges.

Source: AISHE 2018-2019
The survey stated,

“Inclusion of name of an Institution in any of the list in the [AISHE] portal and this publication does not confer the status of recognition to the Institution by the Ministry of Human Resource Development”.

In addition, a noteworthy increment in the number of colleges the nation over (as recorded and secured under AISHE) has likewise contributed towards a general decrease in student enrollment per school. 

Between 2011-12, when the first AISHE survey was conducted, and 2018-19, the total number of colleges registered with AISHE has seen a 14.5 per cent expansion with in excess of 5,000 colleges added to it. This has driven in an expansion of the number of colleges accessible per lakh of the population (18-23 years old) from 25 of every 2011-12 to 28 a year ago.

Because of which, the average enrollment per school has declined from 703 students for each school to 693 students in the course of recent years. Among states, the number of colleges per lakh of eligible population ranges from seven in Bihar to 53 in Karnataka, while the average enrollment per college fluctuated between 426 in Karnataka and 1,875 in Jharkhand. 

According to the report, almost 78 per cent of the colleges in India are private (64.3 per cent are private-unaided and 13.5 per cent are private-aided), while the remaining ones are government colleges. Additionally, around 60 per cent of the colleges are in rural territories and 11 per cent of the total colleges are solely for ladies.

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