Effect of COVID-19 on Campus Placements 2019-20


In the light of rising concerns about the COVID-19 spread, many companies have put a hold on their placement process. Colleges in India are facing a tough year ahead with disruptions in their campus recruitments as the pandemic affects businesses worldwide. Generally, most business and engineering schools conduct campus placements between December and April every year. While many students have been placed already, some still struggle to find a good job offer. However, due to the prolonged lockdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, few companies are deferring the offers made, while some have withdrawn offers made already. Still, there are companies also that are honoring the offers made to students and will not cut any salary. Looking at the current situation Eduvoice India took a step forward to understand the Effect of COVID 19 on the Placements of 2020. For doing so we reached out to TPOs of various colleges and gathered their opinion on the same. Let’s have a look at what they have to say:

Opinion from the Editor

Ms. Sujata Mehta

Founder & Editon-In-Cheif, Eduvoice India

The current COVID situation has affected the placement of aspiring graduates in an adverse manner. Although a large proportion of the colleges and universities were done with their campus placement drives before the nationwide lockdown was announced but now a majority of the organizations have restrained themselves from providing the call letters to the selected candidates. In my strong opinion, the college TPOs should communicate with their respective organizations to understand the current situation from the industry’s point of view. They should get a few questions answered like whether the organizations have put the selected candidates on hold or they have already rejected them. This will assist the TPOs in planning their next move. Also, a majority of the focus should be laid on providing a head start to the remaining students, may it be in the form of internships or jobs.

Opinion from Top TPO’s Across India

Deepak Kumar

Vice President – Corporate Relations
GLA University, Mathura

The hiring of candidates has been slowed down for a while. The pandemic is harsh for everyone and so is the lock down. The joining date has been extended according to the lock down. Not only things have been delayed, but they have also been stopped due to this pandemic. Whereas virtual recruitment carried out by companies is saving the economy from completely falling down. All the sectors are seeing an upturned side of the working system. We all are seeing more of the virtual world than the real one. This will promote work from home and bring out a better world after all this ends. We should a bit lower our desires and expectations and look forward to the things that are coming our way. Something is better than nothing.

Alok Basu

Head – Training & Placement
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Coll. of Engg., New Delhi

The Placement for 2020 batch ( would graduate in July/Aug 2020) was extremely good till 10th of March 2020, i.e. just before the outbreak of the pandemic. Our College recorded close to 85% placement. That way, from the perspective of Institution, 2019 – 20 is a brilliant year for Campus Placement. However, the joining for these students would be a serious problem. We are receiving communication from different organization, almost on daily basis, that they would like to delay the date of joining. Few are likely to withdraw the offers even. We guess, 60/65% candidates, would join those organisation after some delay. 20% around would find out some alternative including going back to studies in some PG course. Rest are likely to suffer! However, the nasty impact of Covid 19 is going to be on 2020-21 batch, I think. Many organizations will not visit the Colleges for recruitment. On one side, organizations will not have enough project/order in their hand and on other side they would like to make the already selected students from 2020 batch, on board. There is most likely to be a choke. Industry can delay and make their process/cycle longer. But Academia has to stick to six month semester and twelve month year.

Dr Harpal Thethi

Director –
Training & Placement

We are up against an enemy which is invisible and critically no one saw it coming hence forced us to choose life over the business. Business took a hit across verticals and geographies. COVID has been a great leveller though and this momentary slow down has given us a lot of time to introspect. Throughout the entire lockdown period we kept going back to our growth partners for multiple knowledge sessions, virtual meetups, virtual internship opportunities, virtual onboarding, loads of unlearning and relearning. The business didn’t completely stop in these unprecedented times only that mode became more digital. I feel digital would be strengthened even more in times to come post COVID. Most of the companies are looking forward to honouring the offers made, though there may be staggered joining, wherever the number of selects is more. For me, I feel these are grinding times and those who shall conquer these times will come out stronger and as clear leaders, hence we are utilising these times to train our students with a lot of technical certifications, the testimony of the fact is that our consumption of courses in Coursera, upGrad, Udacity, Simplilearn has gone up many folds, students are practising and participating more in hackathons, makethons, all this such we are prepared for the actual battle ahead.

Gaurav Saini

General Manager – Corporate Relations
MVN University, Palwal

It has indeed been a shocking and unfortunate turn of events for the graduates of 2020. What hit us was something no one had anticipated, especially for the economy. Hence, for students, it is definitely going to be a challenge to secure long term placements in companies. But we must control what can be done. It is not an unknown fact that courses are a great benefit to students of all sectors, from engineering to industrial arts, as they imply the want to self-educate and the skills learnt in them are not ones to be overlooked.
Hence, in our college, we are promoting various types of courses for the students to do while they have the time. These promote in depth learning and definitely provide an edge over other students that are not willing to step up their resumes. We wish to give as much help to our students as we can for a brighter future.

Vikas Saini

Head – Training & Placements
KR Managalam University, Gurugram

The placement of candidates has fallen due to the pandemic. While some companies are taking virtual interviews and assessing the individuals virtually, they are starting the work for home until the lock down ends. So, ultimately the salaries and work hours are fluctuating for the candidates. The candidates are not sure about joining the organizations due to this ‘work from home till the lock down’ situation. So, it is hard to get the students to a work from home job either. We should look forward to the betterment of the situation to overcome this worse time. These days even some eminent personalities are getting affected, so the common man is quite afraid of the disease. I hope situations get better.

Manoj Mehrotra

Asst Director.Corporate Relations and Alumni Relations
MIT World Peace University

This year the major impact will be on engineering students because of downed manufacturing sector,IT sector will also be slow in hiring because of USA and European markets. Finance, Service, Hospitality, Agriculture and Healthcare sector will come forward for the hiring.

Dr Reva Mishra

– Training & Placement
Indore Institute of law

Greetings from Dr Reva Mishra here Due to covid 19 formal meeting not possible .And communication also not done with recruiters ..so cant say anything in this year .hope for the best Regards Dr Reva Mishra here placement head

Madhu Koul

Head – Training & Placements
Global Institute of Technology and Management, Gurugram

The crisis the whole world is facing is something that has not been experienced before. It is a tough time for us to cope up with the things mentally as well. Talking specifically about recruitment and selection of candidates in companies, we are seeing a downfall here too. This is because the companies as well as the candidates look forward to the after selection consequences and functionality. The lock down is coming to an end gradually. But the concern of people whether it may be the candidates or the hiring company is health of the people. Many candidates are hesitant to go out and work so they are not even applying for such jobs. This is one of the reasons of the downfall of the recruitment process. Ensuring the safety of the employees is something the candidates need to be shown in order to attract them to the job. The response rate of the candidates for the jobs we send to them is really low. So, I believe that a break has been applied to the recruitment and hiring of companies by the pandemic.

Sourabh Munjal

Head – Training and Placements
Poddar Group of Institutions,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Economy and jobs are badly hit by Covid-19. Naturally, it will affect campus placements, both in no. of job offers and salary. Already many jobs and internship offers are cancelled or postponed, summer placement season washed out in lockdown, pointing towards a ‘long road of struggle’ ahead.  

But after the darkest hour, shiny days are waiting for all. This tough time has taught us campus placements are not restricted to visiting companies on campus, and hiring students face to face. We have organized virtual drives, online tests, and interviews through video conferences. Being on the optimistic side, the world is looking to invest in India, whether to invest in existing companies or to set up a new one. Expecting millions of new job creations, and Indian campuses should get ready to provide the skilled workforce.

Organizations are offering the “work-from-home” Jobs and Internships and all is happening without a physical campus drive. Institutions and Students should use this opportunity to learn, how to perform in odd situations. They should,

  1. Learn how to face on-line interviews
  2. Prepare a self-video resume.
  3. Acquire Self-discipline and self-managing skills to perform in virtual jobs – it’s the future.

I am sure this physical to virtual campus drives journey on the wheels of Covid-19 will open doors for many opportunities. Soon after, a good placement season will fill this gap. Till then, sharpen the swords of skills.

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