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Where Theory Meets Practice

Pickl.AI is the educational vertical of TransOrg Analytics, an industry leader in solving problems for businesses by leveraging the power of data. The brand was conceptualized in order to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied data science, wherein courses in the market today have been found to concentrate more on the former aspect.

Our courses enable building a sturdy base in key introductory machine learning concepts. We have curated them in accordance with the unique needs of various student demographics - college students, working professionals and motivated teenagers - all of whom can learn and benefit from our focused programmes.

We have ensured quality by bringing onboard our data scientists as instructors and course creators, who boast of illustrious careers in India’s fast-changing corporate landscape. We have combined the traditional MOOC format with periodic live interactions for students with their instructors, to allow for better review.

Students get to:
Attempt state-of-the-art assignments for self-assessment
Work on real datasets, to get the right intuition required as a professional
Have interview preparation - with mock interviews and resume reviews
Be a part of a community of like-minded learners, for peer-based learning

If you find data science interesting, make sure you learn it the right way with Pickl.AI!


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