Is Digital Learning The End Of Road For Human Educators?

Use of computers is briskly increasing in the field of education. This has become a necessity at primary as well as at higher levels, where computer based training promotes distance and off hour learning.

Electronic media has widely made its way into modern education and this has questioned the importance of human teachers. Sidelining the question, the expansion of electronic learning has brought in more responsibilities for human educators and made them important mediators.

Technology in no way is a substitute for a human teacher because the quality education imparted by him/her carries a strong social, moral and emotional value, necessary for a firm foundation of a student.

Here’s how technological advancement and its reach in classrooms has affected teachers:


Primary education is needed to understand basic concepts and ideas. Computer aided education can help in improving knowledge skills and also in understanding the basic concepts. And to ensure this fact, teachers would be important figures.

In higher education, the learning is complex and needs more focus and efforts. And modern electronic tools, aid students to study and understand at a time suitable to them with a teacher providing emotional support, motivation and amicable attention.


Modern technology would help in easing the routine administrative tasks that usually take up much of the teaching time. It will provide graphical, audio and visual inputs and make teaching simple and interesting.

This will help teachers to concentrate on the development of perceptual twenty first century life skills like lateral thinking, problem solving and many of such qualities that carry the same importance for education as academics. Modern technology will certainly make these human knowledge providers the catalyst and a knowledge enabler.


Increase of technology has made education more accessible. The differences between education institutions have minimized and become uniform. Eventually, digitally empowered teachers will replace those who do not adapt to the change.


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