Introduction is a platform for students to get their career queries answered by the right mentor. With over 1000+ Career Counselors in the marketplace, we have more than 5000 years of cumulative career counseling experience. It has an integrated 3-tier solution to give instant, accessible, flexible and affordable career guidance and training for all career students:

• Guidance:

A platform which helps students get Instant answers to all their career question and get expert-backed career advice.

• Explorations:

Our knowledge-base of over 115000 questions answered by our career mentors has become a very useful exploration tool for students giving as a Wikipedia for the career.

• Assessment:

A series of psychometric assessments to scientifically & holistically access a student’s personality interests, personality, aptitude, and motivation.


Team: CareerGuide

CareerGuide is a young and dynamic team having experience in technology, education, and marketing and. A lean startup with some very smart people working behind the scene working towards making it the next big EdTech story. The core team members include:

Surabhi Dewra – CEO (BITS Pilani with 8+yrs of experience)

Love Chopra – CTO (10+Yrs of experience with fortune 500 company)

Amarjeet Sharma – CMO ( 15+Yrs of experience as a digital marketer with top brands of the world)

Numbers: CareerGuide

  • More than 80K career aspirants visit CareerGuide every month and traffic numbers are growing 13% MoM.
  • Our Career counselor enrolment numbers in the marketplace have crossed 1000+ in three months.
  • Freemium and Paid subscriber numbers are growing with an MoM run-rate of 14% & 6% respectively.

Revenue Streams: CareerGuide

  • We offer a free Q&A session with a career counselor of 10 mins as a hook for students.
  • We charge students Rs.1000 for an hour-long Q&A session with career counselors and psychometric career tests
  • Huge Potential for a future revenue stream from colleges and institutes across the country.


  • In India, education is the 2nd largest household expenditure (14%)
  • India has a ration of 1 Career Counsellor to 13000 student
  • 500 million student population
  • 280,000 institutes

Future Plans:

  • CareerGuide plans to roll-out college listing to make the product end to end solution for any career aspirant within FY 16. This will take the product to the next level where planning and execution can be done in a single platform.
  • The inclusion of College listing will open yet another revenue stream by leveraging advertisements and affiliate marketing.
  • We plan to optimize and augment our offline channels by leveraging our Career Counsellors network to create CareerGuide branded centers across 75 cities in India in the FY 17
  • We are planning to take CareerGuide global by FY17, starting from Indian Sub-continent.
  • And we are all set to enroll another 4000 career counselor to bring the ratio per student down to 1:2000.

Important Details

Categories EdTech, Education
Headquarters Regions Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Funding StatusEarly Stage Venture
Founded Date2011
Founders Love Chopra, Surabhi Dewra
Operating Status Active
Number of Employees 11-50
IPO Status Private
Company TypeFor-Profit
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