Career Opportunities With Cyber Security Degrees

Career Opportunities With Cyber Security Degrees

Obtaining cyber security degrees is undoubtedly worthwhile with possible career options, high salaries and job security. However, earning a mere degree will not be enough, students must commit theirself to continuous learning

Given the huge number of cyber crimes every year, India and the world desperately needs cyber security experts. While many cyber breaches are happening every day, they are the only ones capable of protecting them. And to become a cyber security professional, one needs advanced education like MCA in cyber security.

But is obtaining this degree worthwhile? Let’s dig in to explore more.

What is the value of a master’s degree in cyber security?

While the concern of cyber threats is growing abundantly, various colleges, universities and institutions have created new degrees. The new postgraduate degree – MCA in cyber security, has been designed thoughtfully.

Besides, input from local and national stakeholders, field practitioners and industry thought leaders has been taken exponentially. It is mainly to train cybersecurity professionals endorsed with lifelong learning skills. And also to furnish the ability to defeat adversaries from tactical and theoretical perspectives.

Enrolling in an online cyber security degree will help you land a magnificent job. Moreover, it will offer a higher pay scale, amplified career opportunities, and complete job security. Also, not all cyber security degrees are equivalent; it is imperative to remain careful while choosing the desired graduate program.

Types of cyber security degrees

Cyber security experts help secure private networks, computers and other essential data. According to the various roles available, some might identify potential vulnerabilities, while others might secure sensitive data. Some professionals are also given the task of investigating cybercriminal activities.

If you’re willing to consider an online cyber security degree, the available options are:

Bachelor’s Degree:

As many as 42 per cent of cyber security specialists hold a bachelor’s degree. This degree is primarily a 120-credit program that significantly focusses on disciplines like computer networking, information security and cyber forensics. Many business schools also offer similar programmes with a more direct path into the sector.

Master’s Degree:

The MCA in cyber security degree allows cyber security candidates with a bachelor’s degree to expand their knowledge and skills. This programme usually ranges from two to three years, and the schedule varies from institution to institution.

This master’s programme is not only for cyber professionals but also for non-technical fields like finance and law.

Associate Degree:

A predominantly applied science degree is a two-year degree in cyber security. This degree is a 60-credit program that provides an effective foundation, primarily in technical and non-technical security skills. It also covers a wide variety of subspecialties like cyber defense, digital forensics, etc., efficiently providing a pathway to government security work.

Reasons to obtain a degree in cyber security

Endless possibilities come with an online cyber security degree. There are numerous job openings in the private sector offering handsome pay scales and some businesses that pay top dollars. However, some cyber security enthusiasts might also land a job associated with governmental agencies.

While the scope is enormous, enlisted below are the top reasons to acquire a degree of MCA in cyber security.

Excellent job security:

If you are interested in cybersecurity, now is the right time to enter this promising field. While cyber-attacks and threats are increasing daily, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is considerably outpacing the supply. So after obtaining an online cyber security degree, you can become a qualified cybersecurity specialist.

While there is an exceptional resource crunch, job security for cybersecurity professionals is practically guaranteed.

Outstanding pay scale and high salaries:

Since there is an extreme shortage of skilled workers in the technology sector, cybersecurity professionals are used as compensation. They have at least a 9 per cent salary premium over IT jobs.

The higher you climb up the ladder of a cybersecurity career, the better-posted jobs you will land. And your earning potential also becomes considerably higher. Thus, the outlook for all cybersecurity jobs is undoubtedly fantastic, as the salaries are much higher than expected.

So with a degree of MCA in cyber security, you are more likely to land the best cybersecurity job opportunities.

Enormously growing career option:

Unlike any other job sector, career options in cybersecurity are expanding rapidly. And those enthusiasts with the proper knowledge, education, and experience, have vast career opportunities. Some of the top cybersecurity jobs include: security auditor, cybersecurity analyst, cyber security consultant, cybersecurity specialist, penetration tester, network administrator, cybersecurity administrator or manager, cybercrime investigator and analyst and cybersecurity engineer.

High salaries to pay off advanced cybersecurity education:

Tuition fees for the online degree of MCA in cyber security vary from institution to institution. However, it typically ranges between $20,000 to $ 70,000, which is exceptionally high. Nevertheless, the excellent job offerings with magnificent salaries prove to be a perfect payoff. So more than 30 years of steady, well-paying employment is a fantastic opportunity to pay off your advanced cybersecurity education.

Flexible online cyber security degree programmes:

Numerous institutions offer online cyber security degrees with great flexibility. Time and again, this option has proven to be a real game-changer for a compelling career in cybersecurity. So while balancing school, family obligations band a full-time job, obtaining an online degree is undoubtedly beneficial.

Cybersecurity graduate programmes are bound with networking opportunities:

All cyber security enthusiasts must know that networking is the key to making the most out of your graduate program. Since graduate schools attract like-minded people, it is an ideal place for connecting with peers, faculty, and alumni. These connections are not just bound to graduate schools but are also immensely valuable while advancing your career.

Obtaining cyber security degrees is undoubtedly worthwhile with possible career options, high salaries and job security. However, earning a mere degree will not be enough. You must commit yourself to continuous learning, which will efficiently help you transform your professional trajectories. Also, you can make a positive impact on society.

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