Why schools are still closed

Why Schools Are Still Closed?

The schools and colleges were closed due to Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. For the whole academic year of 2020-2021, the schools have remained closed, resulting in loss of classroom teaching. The schools were asked to start online teaching without giving them adequate time for preparation and training. This has resulted in a huge gap between the haves and have-nots. Whereas schools in cities especially the ones supported by large corporate houses or with brand names were able to make effective online teaching easily, but most other schools struggled for resources and expertise which was not available to schools as well as to teachers and students. Apart from this, the teaching time was reduced to two hours per day only. Because of this, the schools were forced to cut down the syllabus and neglect completely the subjects other than main subjects. Since the motive of schools, as well as total, orientate of our education system is just to get a good score in the examination with less concern for the overall development of the personality of students. The result is that due to lack of social and cultural activities all students are facing different types of psychological pressure,.

Another trend that is very disturbing is being noticed that students in ching as soon as possible . To begin with students may be asked to come only two days per week only and  classes have shown scant respect for teachers often crossing the boundaries of decency. The online examination system has given opportunity for cheating and is spreading fast among students. The decision of the government to go for offline board  examination without classroom teaching will certainly be disastrous for students of schools with limited resources and also to students of poor families living in   villages and small towns.

Now that the various boards have decided to postpone the examinations by two months , it will be in the interest of the students and education system to start class room teaching as soon as possible To begin with students of class VI to XII may be asked to come atheist two days per week. The students with valid reasons only may be exempted from attending the classes.It is hoped that atheist those states where the covid19 cases are negligibly small will open the schools soon.

The author is a former professor of electrical engineering AMU Aligarh.
Mukhtar Ahmad

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