West Bengal Education Minister: Universities To Decide On Semester Exams After Lockdown Ends

Partha Chatterjee West Education Minister

West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee on Friday said universities will take the decision on methods of directing semester tests after the finish of the lockdown, and the administration won’t meddle in their independence.

Chatterjee told correspondents he was educated by vice-chancellors of a few universities that they are now working out the modalities to lead the last semester tests in discussion with faculty individuals.

“The universities will settle on their own about the day of the opening of affiliated schools, about the methods of leading last semester tests,” he said.

The West Bengal Education minister said higher education institutions have been approached to show others conscious methodology with respect to attendance and inside evaluation factors taking into account the COVID-19 situation.

“The vice-chancellors are meeting today to examine the semester issue and the scholarly calendar. They will ponder among themselves and advise the higher education office about their proposals later on,” he said.

VCs of various state universities were available at the gathering, West Bengal Vice-Chancellors Council general secretary Subiresh Bhattacharya said.

Chatterjee included that universities endured harms worth Rs 40 crore because of violent wind ‘Amphan’. He said the state government will effectively empower the planting of trees in varsities where the green spread was decreased in the furious tempest.

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