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UK Extends Post-Study Work Visa To 2 Years For Indian Students

Because of the overall lockdown started to control the spread of novel coronavirus, numerous Indian students who were seeking after higher education from the UK returned home. As they returned to their home nation, the students were stressed over the status of their present visa, and the post-study work visa.

Putting their interests to end, the UK Home Office has guaranteed the students that the Graduate Visa route, normally alluded to as a post-study work visa, will apply to the 2020-21 admission.

In any case, the students should be truly present in the UK by April 2021 to finish the last semester.

“Students will regularly be required to attempt their investigations in the UK to be qualified for the Graduate route. Be that as it may if students are required to either proceed with their present investigations or begin another course by separation or mixed learning due to COVID-19, they will, in any case, be qualified to switch into the Graduate route on a concessionary premise if they invested some energy studying outside the UK,” takes note of the Home Office direction given for the current week.

The students may be profit these advantages on the off chance that they enter the UK before 6 April 2021 and complete the last semester of their examinations in the UK,” the direction read.

The Graduate visa permits students to stay in the UK for a long time after graduation to work or search for work. The visa was before allocated for a quarter of a year, post finishing of the course. Be that as it may, beginning from this year, the timeframe was expanded to two years.

A few associations are campaigning the UK government to additionally stretch out the timeframe to three to four years to coordinate their serious nations, for example, Australia and New Zealand.

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