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UGC vs States: Over Final Year Exams In SC

UGC asked the universities to mandatorily conduct the final year exams. The students and state governments challenged the UGC’s decision in SC. On Tuesday the Supreme Court reserved its verdict.

On 6th July the students and states challenged the University Grants Commission official notification that directed the colleges, universities, and higher education institutions across the country to mandatorily hold final year exams of the students.
It also allowed the universities to choose the mode of examination. The mode of examination can be offline, online, or blended mode depending upon the feasibility of the universities and their students. The final year exams of the students should be conducted by the end of September as per the guidelines of UGC.

The states which earlier announced the cancellation of final exams will also have to hold the exams. Many states agreed with the decision of conducting final year exams of the students. Others challenged the UGC notification in the Supreme Court. It is being reported that a batch of petitions was filed which included a petition from 31 students across the universities in the country.

UGC: Mandatory Conduction Of Final Year Exams

The students and the states challenged the guidelines generated by UGC because the conduct of final year exams amid the pandemic would increase the health risk. Also, the lack of digital infrastructure facilities with students and faculty is causing hindrance in the conduction of examinations. The states submitted that neither the offline nor the online exams are possible. However, UGC is firm in its decision. Also, it stated final year exams are crucial for a student’s academic career. Without exams, the degrees can’t be granted to the students.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court reserved its verdict. The core of UGC’s submission is that the universities within the nation are bound to adopt the guidelines generated by the University Grants Commission and so the state governments cannot cancel the conduction of final year examination.

UGC has cited Entry 66 of the Union list in the Supreme Court which indicates “Co-ordination and determination of standards in institutions for higher education or research and scientific and technical institutions”.

UGC has told the Supreme Court “It is settled law that the regulations made by the UGC are binding on all universities, whether conventional or open, and its powers are very broad”.

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